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Endless Void

A myth submitted to the site by Lucy Coulson

A void, United Kingdom

Darkness... that’s all I can see. Everywhere around me is black after black as I tumble though an endless void – an endless fall. I’m guessing you have no idea what this place is. Well, someone once told me... only it’s as if I knew him a lifetime ago. Who was he? Well... he was my father. I remember the last day I saw him like it was yesterday – or was it yesterday? You can’t tell if it’s day or night in this stupid void. Anyway, here’s when I last saw my father, as I guess you want to know...

I was with my father, a fierce and strong knight who feared nothing. We were on a journey to slay an evil beast. I hadn’t been told what this beast was, but I was still determined to defeat it with my father. We had just arrived inside the beast’s home; a lifeless forest, for no tree swelled with leaves and the dead grass was a putrid brown. I turned to my father, a questioning look in my silver eyes, “Father, what happens if we become like everything here; you know... dead?”
Father looked at me with his kind, diamond eyes, “We won’t son, and I promise you that. But just to answer your question...” Father scratched his short crimson hair, a thoughtful look on his face, “I guess we’ll end up in heaven or hell. But I’ve heard a folk tale of somewhere similar to them; somewhere with no name or, well... anything at all. The villagers say it’s a bit like falling, but never hitting the ground. How they know that I have no idea.”

I hope you’ve guessed what that place is by now, by putting my description of the void and my father’s together. At the time he told me I didn’t believe him, like most other folk tales. They were all made up, just to scare little kids. I was about to respond with this, just as a roar like thunder swept through the air, creating a strong gust of wind. I shielded my eyes. Opening them again, I stared in disbelief at the sight before me. It was a man (although he looked more like a shadow) but unlike any I’d seen before. He wore a hood over his head, so that only his colourless eyes were shown. His scorpion tail swayed behind him. His nails were turned into sharp, long claws and he smiled a crooked, evil smile; revealing blood stained fangs. I didn’t know what to think or do - but father did. He unsheathed his swift sword and prepared to attack. I willed to join in, but although I grasped my sword, ready to fight, father told me to stay away from the danger. I groaned, but still obeyed and stayed away. Then, with a battle cry, the beast and my father engaged in combat.

Wind whipped though the air as the scorpion tail sliced forward to meet my father’s face in a deadly blow. Father, a great swords man, parried the blow. The beast saw an opportunity and took it, diving forward and slashing his claws into father’s chest. Father stumbled back, removing his sword from the beast’s tail. In a swift second, the beast’s tail smashed into father’s side, sending him flying. Father smacked against the hard ground, and the beast whipped his tail his way, aiming for father’s neck. I sprang up and darted over to the tail, blocking it with my sword. The tail was strong and slowly began to push me back. The beast saw the same chance as with father and leaped forward to deliver a harsher blow. Father got their first and swords and claws collided in a teeth chattering clash. The sound bolted though the air and hammered against my ears. Father and I dropped to the ground and covered our ears, releasing our swords. They clanged against the floor, creating more noise. Father was an easy target, so the unaffected beast slammed his scorpion tail into father’s back. Father gave a faint cry of pain, and then flopped to the floor. His body was twisted and his diamond eyes flashed blank. No! My father couldn’t be...

“Father!” I cried and darted over to him. I didn’t care that the beast was towering near me; I just shook my father, trying to wake him. A cold chill ran though my hands. Yanking them away, I saw something I’ll never forget. My father shrank. He shrank smaller and smaller until he was the size of a scorpion. Then, ash like scales replaced his skin and I gasped in horror. My father was a scorpion! The scorpion scurried off, as if I wasn’t even there. My father... was gone. I was alone with the beast. Turning to it, I saw the beast snarl with triumph. Rage boiled over my grief. I grasped my silver sword and stormed over to the beast. The beast spun, only to come face to face with my blade. It sank to the floor. I sprang forward, aiming for the throat; but was tossed aside by the beast’s mighty tail. I rolled along the floor, stopping as I felt half my body suspended in air. Although the side of my head steamed with pain as it bled, I looked to my right and stared down at darkness. I was hanging over a cliff! I felt a sharp kick on my left side, and almost fell. I gripped the cliff edge just in time to save myself from falling. I stared into the colourless eyes of the beast as its crooked, evil smile returned. I knew what it was going to do. It was going to sting me. I wouldn’t let it. I let go as the tail sliced forward and missed me by millimetres. A tear trickled down my cheek as I yelled in fear...

And I fell into an endless void – an endless fall...

By Lucy Coulson
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Name: Max Gillard 7th February 2015
Lucy i thought it was just a 500 words story
How did you get it on here xD see u at schoolz
Name: Marianna 25th January 2014
that was imaginative i really enjoyed reading your story
Name: Lucy Coulson 25th January 2014
Hi guys! Thanks for reading my story. Can I apologise for the length of my myth, because it's a LOT longer than the other myths. Sorry! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it and please leave a comment telling me what you found the best and what I should improve on. I would really like feed back so I can improve. Anyway, thanks again! :D
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