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In 25 seconds

A myth submitted to the site by Jacob Bellefeuille

Pentagon , USA

The world I meant to create is not the world I had imagined. All I wanted for mankind was peace and prosperity instead I got death and sacrifice. The traitor as I call him is the one to blame for this disaster. I had spent the better part of my life building my intelligence so we can come forth with an idea that could save mankind from wars and dictatorship, but again the traitor had taken my only chance to prove our idea and he had ruined it, and now I stand upon him with my hands around his throat.

20 seconds now it had been since I had gotten a death grip on him surly he shall pass out soon. I count the seconds in my head…21…22…23…24…

Just 3 hours ago the traitor was at my side. We were preparing to present our idea to the pentagon that would let them unleash our gift of total purity.

“Perhaps we can live another day if this works” said THE TRAITOR. I remember those words because they were also words of my own. Together for over a decade we fought to stay alive, collecting all the items needed for our idea. We had destroyed cities but we had raised hope. Hope for the purity of life. Our lives were an everyday run, an everyday adventure.

We were Americas Most Wanted.

“Earth to Ethan, are u even listening to what I’m saying, u know the live another day part”.

“Yeah” I muttered. “Finally the USA sees to our demands on our idea, geez it only took them 5 years to confirm it”.

He laughed, not the ha-ha super hilarious laugh, but the I know I haven lived those 5 years.

“U know something, we might have done some really bad things in the past and made a few sacrifices but it was for this day. The day of day’s, one that will bring humanity up or be its downfall, lets hope for our sake it’s the good one.

Selfish traitor he was and I didn’t even no it at the time. “Our idea will work its just the way we present it, for good or evil”. “Are you ready”.

“Yes brother” that was the last time he called me that. We were brothers, are parents died together in a suicide mission over Vietnam. Lets just say for courage, sacrifice and love, they volunteered because they new no one else would.

We finished preparing our project in silence.

For good or for evil I repeated in my mind.

Security guards came and brought us to a room. The room was white and bleu all around, like they thought the colors could actually calm us, end of the world at steak here. Three screens mounted on the wall lay in front of me. I figured the chosen leaders to take this case would appear on them, as if even the thought summoned them three unmarked faces appeared. The security guards did not leave.

“Good evening gentleman” they said in unison.

“Present your idea and explain why you are here,” the middle one said.

“Well thank you for the opening welcome high committee of the pentagon”. The traitor said sarcastically. “I do believe that you already know what our idea is”

“You have caused us many troubles in the past, but the most recent one was not acceptable at all, the destruction of New York lays in your hands, if your little idea is even worth my time, and even if you manage to salvage America, you might just be lucky enough to receive the death penalty.” Exclaimed the middle one. “Indeed we know what your idea is.”

“The accident of New York was the final test of our project, the glitch that we experienced and barely escape from is now fixed.” I countered. Let us show you what our device can do for the good of mankind.”

My sibling activated the complicated piece of equipment and all it took was a push of a button.

“Hold on a minute how do we know that you will not destroy us in this test.” The left one said.

“You don’t” the traitor said. Immediately I though this was our worse nightmare, and I had never been so wrong before in my life. Why did he say that? I regret these words.

“Push the button”. “Show them what we came here for, salvation.” I yelled. Alarms were flashing guns were drawn and guards were rushing in to surround us.

In an instant he pushed it. A big flash blinded all but us because we new what would happen. Then I realized the ground was shaking and the building was crumbling, which was not supposed to happen unless…

“Oh No, what have you done?”

“Ethan they would of never let us go, they would have destroyed the device or used it for the worse, I couldn’t take that chance.”

“I tackled him into a death grip” He didn’t even fight back and I yelled over the sirens. “Your a traitor, your not my brother, how could you?”

“I did what our parents did, sacrifice our self’s because no one else would.” He choked on those words. The building was falling apart. The city was falling apart. He did this, he did this to our country that we have now destroyed.

“We could have saved our lives and lives of million of others, why this, why now after over a decade, why?”

“Ethan, I love you, I did it because I had to, . Sacrifice needs to be made for a higher purpose, this is what needed to hap….”


The world went Dark

By Jacob Bellefeuille
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Name: Malikah Attah 10th February 2014
i loved it
Name: Jasmine 29th January 2014
Really good and helped me with my idea for a myth too
Btw I\'m in yr 7 and this idea changed a bit obviously got me level 6!!
Name: Lucy Coulson 25th January 2014
Instance! Everything in that story was perfect, and much better than mine. Where did you get that idea from? And where did you learn to write as good as THAT! I'm star struck (amazed)!
P.S. Not important but my story is called 'Endless void' if you want to check it out.
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