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The Mummy and the Lost Mummification Paper

A myth submitted to the site by Yasmin Jolley

Egypt and Hindley, England

Long, long ago in Ancient Egypt the was a man that approached a mummies tomb and forgot to read the scripture along the pyramids walls that said that if you cross these scriptures you will be cursed forever. So the man carried on and found the case of a mummy called King Tutankhamen. Now for many years he has been in that tomb and nobody has ever been to visit him ever since he was buried. The man try to open the case but it was so hard that he fell on the ground. But the next time he tried he managed to unseal the case. He jumped back in fright because all of the mummification paper had unravelled off of King Tutankhamen's face and it fell on to the floor.

Then suddenly the man got an idea, he started to unravel half of the mummy, shut the case, put the mummification paper into his satchel ran away. Now what this man didn't know was that the mummies case had not been sealed fully, which meant that King Tutankhamen could come back alive from the dead and follow the man until he got his mummification paper back.

After a while the man was on his plane home and what he didn't know was that a couple of seats behind him was King Tutankhamen in very good disguise. When the flight was over, the man went back home to Hindley to live with his Wife, his son and his beautiful little baby girl. One night after he returned home King Tutankhamen found where he lived. He waited for a while until he came out of his disguise and start banging on the mans house door. When the man heard the banging and the weird err noises he went downstairs, opened the door than closed it straight away because of the mummy. Then he gentle opened the door and accidently let King Tutankhamen inside. He slowly walked with a limp to the mans satchel and reached in, then he pulled out his hand with the mummification paper in it, put it back on his face and went home. The End!

By Yasmin Jolley
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