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Rosetail and Stormfur Ch. 3 (part 2)

A myth submitted to the site by BritneyXD

The Clans' new territories

Rosetail woke to a prod in her side. She blinked open her eyes to find Stormfur looming above her.
"Can we talk?" Stormfur whispered? Rosetail nodded and picked her way out of the medicine den. As she followed Stormfur out of camp, thoughts raced through her mind. What will he say? Is he angry with me? Oh, StarClan, don't let him be angry with me! Rosetail prayed. Stormfur slowed, halting in a small, well lit grassy clearing. He sat, and Rosetail followed. Curling her tail neatly around her paws, Rosetail tipped her head to one side.
"What is it, Stormfur?" She mewed.
"Oh, Rosetail! I miss you! And what in the name of StarClan happened to your leg!" Rosetail felt a flood of relief. He wasn't angry!
"It was caught in a fox trap," Rosetail explained in a rush," I miss you, too! I'm so glad you're back!" Rosetail meowed with joy.
"Will you ever be a warrior again?" Stormfur asked sympathetically.
"I- I don't know. Mothwing says it's healing, but i still can't put weight on it. I don't think it's getting any better." Rosetail answered sadly.
Stormfur looked at her, determination in his eyes.
"Of course it it! You are the strongest cat I know! You will pull through this, I can guarantee you that," Stormfur reached forward and brushed his muzzle along Rosetail's cheek. She felt warmth spread through her from ears to tail tip. Suddenly, Stormfur pulled back.
" What is it?" Rosetail asked. Stormfur flicked his eyes toward her, his gaze clouded with sadness and confusion and... was that jealousy?
"What about Reedwhisker?"
Rosetail flinched. Reedwhisker! The cat who had helped her out of the fox trap, who had stayed by her side every heartbeat since the accident, who had comforted her when she was grieving about not being a warrior, who had soothed her when she woke from nightmares about Stormfur. The cat who she loved.
"Oh, Stormfur. I love you. But I couldn't wait forever."
"You love Reedwhisker now. Not me," Stormfur mewed, his eyes glazed with grief. Rosetail leaned against him, her soft fur brushing his flank.
"I will always love you, Stormfur," She whispered. Stormfur held her gaze, a lifetime of memories flashing in his eyes.
"And I will always love you, my sweet Rosetail.

The two cats padded back to camp in a calm silence. Rosetail trotted toward the medicine den once in the camp, then slowed. She peered at the warriors den with its soft reeds, its warm moss, and her sleeping Clanmates. The she-cat veered away and followed Stormfur to the warriors' den. Rosetail gazed down at Reedwhisker, sound asleep in his nest. Her heart swelled with love. For the first time in moons, Rosetail was absolutely sure about what was to come. She settled down next to her mate and closed her eyes. Rosetail drifted into a peaceful sleep.

By BritneyXD
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