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Twilight and the Phoenix Wings

A myth submitted to the site by Pedro

Leamington Spa, England

Once upon a time in a world created by Zambierre, was peace, hope and joy. Zambierre had five daughters, Harley was the god of love, Mildred was the god of opportunities, Warley was the god of victory and justice, Merienne was the god of the sunshine and beauty and Twilight was the god of the moonlight and darkness.

Merienne and Twilight were twins but very different, Merienne lived in the sky in her sunshine kingdom where she was queen, Twilight lived in a cemetery with the deadly spirits where she would never had been queen. Twilight would visit her mother Zulia everyday in the garden of gold, where she grew the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Merienne was the most beautiful girl in the world, she bringed happiness to all the people and they always wanted to be her friends. Nobody liked Twilight and they never wanted to be her friend except from the deadly spirits who liked her so much and her mother Zulia.

Merienne always hated Twilight so much that she could kill her, she even doesn't like her mother as well because she loves Twilight. Twilight was all ways tried to be kind but people just like her for living in the dark side. Zulia always would protect Twilight from danger. One morning, one of the deadly spirits gave her a black rose to represent the deadness, Twilight put the black rose on her hair like the girls do.

Twilight went to the garden of gold to collect some flowers for the cemetery to look better. She saw her mother Zulia and they decided to go on a walk through the garden. Twilight told about some flowers for the cemetery when suddenly her mother Zulia heard some buzzing bees in the other side of the garden, Twilight was lonely now walking around the garden.

Suddenly in the kingdom of truth Zambierre was just sitting on his thrown doing nothing when suddenly Merienne appeared and said to her father to get rid of Twilight and Zambierre agreed.

Back in the garden of gold, Twilight heard some singing voices then she walked and found out that it was the flowers that were singing (these flowers sound perfect for the cemetery and the deadly spirits would love it she thought). Merienne appeared behind the bushes then she offered to Twilight the most beautiful and the most delicious fruit in the world, she took a bite and she felt like the most happiest person in the world.

She came back from the garden and gave each deadly spirit a singing flower and they felt joyful, then Twilight went to her coffin and she fell a sleep. Every day she would take one bite every day and she would feel more happier.

Until one day Twilight went to the garden of gold to see her mother Zulia, she was going to take a bite of the fruit when suddenly an earthquake had appeared and the fruit had fell in the crack until lava came out of the crack and mountains of hot rocks. The black rose got stuck on the ground and a red vine had appeared from the crack and took hold of Twilights leg and pulled her inside the crack then her mother Zulia shouted: TWILIGHT,TWILIGHT,WHY.

Twilight woke up and found her self sleeping on a red bedroom, she stranded up and looked out from the window. She saw a river of lava, trees on fire and the sky, deep red.
A lady came in and looked at her in astonishment, "my name is Pinna the god of fire known as the queen of fire and who are you?" she said.
"My name is Twilight the god of the moonlight and darkness."

Pinna had a phenix on her should, she gave it to Twilight as a punishment for eating the fruit of fire. Twilight had to look after the phenix for ten years. In the garden of gold mother Zulia got panicked until Harley told her the truth. "Merienne and Zambierre agreed to each other to get rid of Twilight," she said.
Suddenly Zulia shouted to everybody to the world if Twilight didn't come back there will be no flowers or food to anyone unless they respect them. Zambierre heard what Zulia had said. "If there is no food or flowers the people will die," he said.

Then he sent a dove with a message to the lava world, Pinna saw the dove and the dove came to Pinna and she was reading the message.

Dear Pinna

If Twilight doesn't come back then my wife will kill me and the rest of people will die, please this is getting even worse.

love by

Pinna wouldn't give Twilight back unless they would invite her for a meal at there world, that's what Pinna wrote when she gave the message back, so that's what they did. So Zulia had to prepare the flowers and the food for the meal. Pinna and Twilight had came and the meal was ready. The people at the table were quiet as they were eating then Zambierre gave Pinna a box made out of gold. She opened it and she was holding the item so that everybody could see and item was the most beautiful crown in the world. Then she released Twilight and Twilight had a new pet to show to everybody and at the end everybody loved Twilight as a friend.

By Pedro
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