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The Signs

A myth submitted to the site by Stevie-lee

The village of Arendalle, Scotland

A very long time ago, lived a man and woman, who together had a beautiful child, Lucy. Lucy was the adventurous type, so one day when Lucy was four years old, her mother and father took her out to the woods. Lucy loved the sounds, but her parents did not.

Suddenly, a large black wild cat jumped out of the bush and got near enough to attack Lucy. However, it missed and killed both the parents instead. Scared, Lucy ran back to the village.

The next day she wanted to get revenge on the monster so she came into the woods. She tried hard, but she could not get rid of the horrible thought. A old, but pretty, witch was watching her, and sooner met her in person.
"Hello there, I am Agetha. I can help you get rid of the monster," she said.
"Really?" Lucy was really astonished about this, however the witch put a spell on Lucy to make her forget about the monster, and her parents. And that to remember that Agetha was her mother.

Agetha raised Lucy, and she quickly became a young woman. The 17 year old was very pretty, with long brunette hair and hazel eyes. Lucy still had her adventurous spirit, so she one day snook out into the woods. Eventually, she met the monster, and soon remembered her parents and the monster. The monster was very angry and Lucy had no weapons. She was totally surrounded by the monster, and couldn't escape. She quickly ducked down, grabbed a sharp twig, and jammed it into the monsters eye. Hurt, the monster backed down and fell of the cliff. Relived, Lucy watched as the monster fell. Unknown to her, Agetha snook up behind her, and pushed her off the cliff, where she met her death.

Some still say that if you go to the village and enter the woods, you can still see Lucy and the monster, fighting in their afterlife.

By Stevie-lee
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