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The Story of the Pug

Horridsville, Greece

A long long time ago in Ancient Greece a young princess called Maia had to go and visit her sick grandma. Her journey had to take her to king Horrid`s land , but king Horrid never let anyone pass. Princess Maia set off on her journey with her dog Maddius and a basket of goodies.

When she got to king Horrid`s land he was waiting for her. The princess asked the king could she pass, " oh no" said the king" no one passes over my land". The princess was a brave girl and her dog was very big so she said " we are passing and you cant stop me ". The king said " maybe I can`t stop you but Decus will".
"Who is Decus" said Maia .
" Decus is my guard and no one has ever got passed him". As princess Maia started to pass the king called for Decus.

There stood in front of Maia was a huge green giant with two heads with an eye in the centre of each head. Maia screamed and Maddius barked but Decus grabbed the princess. Maddius bit the giant with his sharp teeth. Decus dropped the princess and got hold of Maddius by his tail and threw the poor dog so hard against a stone wall that most of his tail came off and squashed the big dog so he was no bigger than a puppy with a flat face. Maia grabbed a rock and hurled it at Decus and knocked one of his heads off. As the giant staggered Maia threw another rock at the beast and killed it.

Quickly Maia and Maddius made their way across king Horrid`s land. When they got to grandma`s house she laughed and laughed so much at the sight of Maddius that she jumped out of bed and said "what a funny pug".

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