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Rainbow Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by William Wright

Greece, Greece

A long long time before today, there used to be great elements of magic in the world, but one fateful day, it died. How you wonder? What could have caused this? That same moment, a hero gave his life for to different worlds to have hope. But to answer your question, I will recount to you the tale of the Rainbow Dragon.

Our story takes place in the great land known as Greece this land is a world with magic! Magic that makes the sky and waters blue and the grass and trees green. The world used to be a big black wasteland of no color at all. Always cold, no food, no warmth, no safety. No life could live on the world, every person of earth was frozen.

All was so gloomy, until the gods from the golden sky throne cast down a gift to humanity, color! From there, all was as I explained, a wonderful, colorful world. By doing so, the Creator, a mystic sorcerer, plants magic seeds in the center of the sky as its white roots spread through the sky and from that tree comes color! He then became the high king of the heavens. While this happened, his wife Hera had a baby child, a boy named Hope. As happiness strides through the sky, there is one god who was jealous of his twin brother, the Creator. He was fear! He wanted to be king of the sky!

He was so jealous that he kidnapped Hope! He Banished him to Earth to live as a mortal. Then he secretly seals and locks the bind between the earth and the sky so none of the gods could leave, and the creator would never see his son again.

About 19 years later, he became a man! A man working in the city selling wheat for money. That is the moment he met a young girl at the age of 17. Her name was Love! She was the most beautiful women he has ever saw. She smelled like fresh flowers and roses out of the biggest garden. He had fallen in love, with Love.

Back in the sky, a lot more promising things were going on with the master spy and kidnaper.
“Hello my dear brother Fear! Its so good to see you again! So, what brings you here?”
“ I have good news my dear Creator . We have found a way to enter the world of the surface! It may have a big price...the portal may be identified by other humans and they might break in and infiltrate the heavens.! The golden throne shall be taken by the humans! But... I had an idea to stop this turn of events! We take back color by summoning Smoke, the black Dragon! If I cast a spell that will keep him in color, then we open it up send him up here, with us and return color.”

As the two agree, the plot of evil shall come to be! He isn't going to put a protection spell on Hope, he is going to let the dragon take all color from everyone, forever! As he walks by the tree, he drops something. Poison! He wants to kill all magic and become the only magic of both worlds, the high king of the sky and lord of the golden throne!

In Greece, the sun was in center sky, the man named Hope sitting at a diner with Love. Their first date. At that moment, the sky lit up with flames and a shock wave of dark magic took everyone and sucked all the color into the dragon of evil, Smoke! He was no longer black, he was a Dragon of every color! A rainbow Dragon.

As every poor soul frozen, never to wake up, but then a message from the sky opens and unleashes a sacred spell that awakens Hope. It is the Creator!
“ Hope, my long lost son, you must know that I am your father, and you are a demigod! My twin brother, Fear has poisoned the tree of magic and summoned the dragon, Smoke to steal color from us. Now its up to you my son. Slay smoke and return to the heavens.”

After seeing this message from his father. He traveled east for weeks and weeks and almost a whole year and then, he arrives. The cave of Smoke.
“Who dares disturb me!”says the Smoke.
“It is I, Hope, Hero Of the sky!” says Hope heroically.
“Oh, I know you. The mortal god. A god taken and banished by another god while you were a toddler. Now look. A mortal god! Strange.” Explains Smoke insidiously.
“ How about I take that color back from you!” SLASH! As the hero slashes at the dragon.
“AH! You fool, I'll take your color one way or another!” SWOOSH! As the dragon grabs Hope and throws him in the ocean. With Smokes Mighty breath he creates a tsunami right over Hope. Before the wave hits, he throws his sword right at Smokes Heart.
“AH! What have you done? NO! No No No No No! NO! “Cries smoke with his last breath. Then his dead body turns invisible. Only visible when rain and the sun come at the same time. After, color gets restored to the world.

He has saved the earth, but not the sky! He then travels back to the diner to see if Love is okay. He explains what happened with the Creator and Smoke. Then, he needs to find a way to the heavens. But how? Then, Love casts a spell that creates another portal to the heavens. She was also a demigod! When they get to the throne, they see the Creator lying on the ground knocked out in front of Fear, sitting on the golden throne

“What are you doing here Love?” asks Fear.
“ I am here helping my friends.”
“ So be it! YOU SHALL DIE WITH THEM!” He knocks down the tree on top of Love. Then, Fear gets out a poison arrow, and shoots it at Hope! STAB!
“ NO!” cries the creator as he gets up and knocks him out of the clouds.
“NO,” cries fear right before he goes splat!

With the last magic he has, Fear sucks up all color. When Hope sees the color disappearing. He lets himself fall from the sky to save the earth. When he lands, his soul splits into thousands of pieces. Each piece goes into the heart of every person. Now everyone has hope inside. When this happens, it restores color. So he did it.

He saved two worlds at once. He really had Hope.

By William Wright
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