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The Wizard and Blart by Alfaz

A myth submitted to the site by Alfaz

Manchester, England

Hi am Zoltab the lord of terror and darkness.I am immortal.Today I am going to tell you about my evil story with the brainless good gods. One day I was in a ceremony where all gods were invited. There was a priest serving holy water which could make you immortal even with a tiny meene sip. I knew god would not give me the holy water cause i am a form of darkness so I lulled the holy water towards me and drank it. I laughed not a very nice one but a cruel savage evil terrifying one.

I sprinted around the gods and tied a rope amongst them. The grew very angry and at that same moment came my worst foe ever. Shadow rider. Shadow rider immediately formed into a motorbike and sprinted after me. ZOOOOOOOM! SMASH. Shadow rider got really angry and buried me right inside a deep passageway under ground. I thought for a moment and flew out again and shot Shadow rider but he dodged. Then one of my minions exclaimed that a wizard called Capablanca and a ugly boy called Blart have defeated our guardians the four horses:Deadshot,Skull fire,Epicblow and Ripjaw .IMPOSSIBLE I Exclaimed and vanished to my undercover secret hideout.

As I reached at my hideout I sat on my gigantic throne.I examined them very closely and decided to fight them myself. Here is my number one weakness any blood of a mortal will bury me underground for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years.

The wizard waved his wand and there were sparkles in his eyes. Immediately there was a wasp which one by one knocked of the minions and it came to me. I didn't want my reputation to go down so I seized my sword and killed the wasp. It's blood fell all over me and I drifted underground unable to fly out and soon realised it was a human being who had been turn into a wasp.
NOOOOOOOOO! I will come back for m revenge.

By Alfaz
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