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Long Ago in England

A myth submitted to the site by Maya

London, England

Dear diary,
I woke up really sad because I had to go to school, I just wanted to stay home with mum and play with my toys.
“Time to have breakfast, “called Mum from down stairs. So I quickly got dressed and rushed down stairs to have breakfast. While I was having my cereal mum said that there was going to be a lot of danger and she said to be safe by staying near my teacher. I didn’t listen to her, I love exploring the town. Then I heard a car honking outside my house. It was the school bus. So I got my bag and ran to the bus.

On the bus I saw Jessie, she’s my best BFF. She said that the Germans might drop poison gas so I had to be careful. Of course I didn’t listen, just like I didn’t listen to mum. Suddenly the bus stopped, we finally arrived at school. I entered my class and Mr Strong was waiting near his desk. When everyone was seated Mr Strong said that he would have to give us gas masks throughout the day. When I put mine on it smelt like a rat died in there. Then Mr Strong started teaching but I couldn’t hear him. All I could hear was mumbling coming from his mask.

After some time it was break time but we weren’t allowed outside just in case the Germans dropped bombs. So we stayed inside, sort of like wet play. Me and Jessie played Connect 4 and snakes and ladders. It was so boring because I really wanted to play with the skipping ropes in the playground. But I have to admit, I did enjoy playing Connect4 with Jessie. After wet play we did some arts and crafts. We had to draw pictures of the war. Although I did like art, I didn’t want to draw pictures of dead people lying on the ground. So I asked Mr Strong if we could do some free drawings but he said no. After a couple minutes Mr Strong stopped the class. He changed his mind, he said that if we didn’t want to draw a picture of the war, we could draw England flags or we could make posters saying “NO MORE WAR”. I made a poster because I really wanted this war to be over.

Soon it was lunchtime. I quickly grabbed my pack-lunch and rushed into the line. Then the lunchtime controller came and we went to the lunch hall. I sat down next to Jessie in the hall. When I opened my sandwich, it looked so tasty I went in for a bite but before I could even nibble the sandwich, Jessie stopped me. She said that she had smelt something coming from my sandwich and predicted it was poison gas! Then I took a quick smell and I did smell something weird coming from my sandwich. So I put my hand up and asked the teacher if I should of eaten that sandwich or not. Miss said that it was poison gas and that I was lucky to have a friend like Jessie. The teacher was right, I don’t know what I’d do without Jessie. Well, instead of having that poison gas sandwich, I just had a cucumber-sandwich and some ice-cream from school dinners.

But I was always wondering how poison gas got in my sandwich, maybe my mum is evil or something. No, mom’s not evil I’ve been with her all my life, it can’t possibly be true. Well I’ll talk to mum when I get home. Anyway when I got back to my class we COULD go outside but only for a little bit, to get some fresh air as we couldn’t go outside before. But all of a sudden we all heard a loud sound and it really sounded like a bomb. I wonder if the Nazis are really coming just like my mum said…..

By Maya
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