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Apollo and The Cyclops.

Athens, Ancient Greece

It was a blazing hot day in Athens. High above the city, in the imposing, royal palace sat Apollo on his golden throne. A bright, blinding light shone on the attractive prince, as he surveyed his kingdom. Gradually the light dimmed but Apollo remained where he was.

Suddenly a frantic knocking at the door disturbed the prince’s day dream. Leaping out of his throne, Apollo commanded the visitor to enter. As the enormous door opened, a young man burst into the throne room. The visitor was frantic. He raced. He stumbled. At last he reached the prince and dropped to his knees on the cold, stone floor.
“Apollo My Lord...I need your help!” cried the exhausted visitor.
“What is it friend?”What can I do for you?” replied the young prince.
“The cunning Cyclops, Arges, has captured five innocent children from my village. He has hidden them in a cave on Mount Olympus.”
Arges was no ordinary Cyclopes - his single staring eye could detect the arrival of his assailant from three miles away. Together with his immense strength and colossal size, Apollo knew he had a fierce battle ahead of him.
However, without question, the courageous prince agreed. “Citizens of Athens are my responsibility. I will slay the monster and rescue the children.”

That night, when Apollo was lying is his comfortable bed, a cloud of magical stars appeared in front of him. The sleepy prince looked up and smiled. It was the goddess Artemis. All dressed in white, she moved closer to Apollo. Her dazzling eyes were as silver as the moon. Her golden, glistening hair swayed gently in the night sky.
“Dear Prince, I am here to help you on your dangerous quest to defeat the mighty Cyclopes,” she whispered.
From her leather quiver, Artemis grabbed an enchanted arrow and a braided rope. “The giant will know you are coming. When he leaves his dark cave, shoot this arrow directly into his eye - he will be immediately blinded. You will know what to do with the rope when the time comes.” With that, she disappeared in a puff of silver smoke.

The very next day Apollo galloped off on his dangerous mission. The hot burning sun blazed down on his head and the dry parched path churned up clouds of dust. After several days, an exhausted Apollo arrived at the mighty mountain. Leaving his trusted horse behind, the determined prince began his ascent up the steep, craggy mountain path.

Eventually, Apollo reached the creepy, cold entrance of the cave. Trickling water and razor-sharp thorns collected beneath his feet. Taking the enchanted bow from his quiver, Apollo nervously stepped down into the dark chamber. Pausing for a moment, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the gloom. The walls were as black as coal and a chill ran down his spine as he ventured forward into the unknown. The dim-light in his hand flickered casting mysterious shapes onto the wall of the cavern

As the water droplets echoed against the walls, the brave prince continued to tip-toe deeper and deeper into the darkness. The remains of ribs and skulls were scattered along the rocky floor. Bats screeched loudly. Still...he continued.

All of a sudden Apollo could smell the foul stench of the monster and heard his bellowing roars. Cautiously, like a lion hunting its prey, Apollo turned a corner and, as he did so, he realised he was just a few metres away from the monstrous ogre.

Taking a deep breath, Apollo gradually took in the scene in front of him. First he noticed the beast’s bone crushing feet and muscular legs. Hanging at the side of his body, Arge’s clenched fists were as large as boulders and he held an enormous spiked club ready to crush Apollo with one foul blow. Next the prince studied Arges great muscular chest, which was covered in horrific, raised warts. It threw a shadow over the whole chamber. On top of his well-built body sat an ugly snarling head. In the middle of his forehead Arge’s single, round eye blazed like fire, sending shivers down Apollos’ spine. How would he find the strength to defeat this fearsome monster he wondered?

With hunger and malevolence in his eyes the hideous beast charged at Apollo. Apollo took a few deep breaths to help gather all his courage then immediately placed the enchanted arrow into the bow and pulled back the string. Aiming his magical bow high into the air, Theseus shot the arrow directly into the creature’s eye. Ear piercing screams resounded around the cave.

Wildly the blinded beast continued to thunder towards Apollo, but luckily he was able to twist away and avoid being crushed by Arges giant feet. He turned and charged again and the ground shook as it thundered towards him. Every time it passed he punched it fiercely. There were deep cuts and scratches over his body but he had to continue.

All of a sudden, Apollo came face to face with the gigantic Cyclops. Without warning, he was grabbed by Arges and tossed high up into the air. When he landed on the cold, pebbled floor, Apollo struggled to lift himself.

Arges began to roar loudly and moved towards the caged children. Brave Apollo mustered up the last of his strength, threw the rope around his legs which made the Cyclops fall and plunged his sword into the beasts back. Arges chest rose slowly and then there was no movement. The beast was dead.

Apollo slumped against the walls of the cave exhausted. He reached for the flickering lamp when all of a sudden he thought he could hear something. It was the sound of quiet sobbing from over in the corner of the cave.

He approached the corner and discovered the kidnapped children desperately clinging onto each other and trembling like leaves in the wind.

He picked up a rock and using all of his strength smashed the lock of the cage open. The children rushed out into his open arms and he embraced them and comforted them. They need no longer be afraid. He had saved them.

They slipped quietly out of the cave, down the craggy hillside and onto the ship. The children returned home safe and sound and all of Athens was thankful to Brave Apollo.

Artemis was extremely proud of the young prince. Arges was never seen again in Athens. The Gods were also proud of the good deeds Apollo had done and crowned him King and protector of Athens. An enormous celebration was held to mark the death of the hideous beast. During the dancing he noticed a beautiful woman eating on her own. Her hair was like the sun and her name was Helena . For Apollo it was love at first sight and he asked her if he could join her. She turned to face him and on doing so her heart was captured and they ate and danced into the night.

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