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How the Giraffe Became

A myth submitted to the site by Babby Giraffe

Africa, England

Long ago, before laptops were invented there was a family of giraffes; with all the giraffes in Africa nothing was wrong with any of them exept for Baby giraffe. Baby giraffe had no spots at all. One day Mummy giraffe asked Baby giraffe to go and fetch something and bring it home then Daddy giraffe said "don't be late for dinner".

So Baby giraffe went to get it and his friend William and his family walked past him and they all started to laugh at him. Baby giraffe wondered why everyone was laughing at him. So he asked them why evreyone was laughing at him and they said "Evreyone is laughing at you because you haven't got any spots". So he went home and sat and ate his dinner.

Mummy giraffe asked him what was wrong. He asked Mummy and Daddy giraffe if they noticed that anyone was laughing at him they said yes but they didnt know what they were laughing about. By the time they finished talking it was time for bed.

The next day they went to the park all of his friends were there and started laughing at him but this time he knew what they were laughing about. Fred said to Baby "nice spots". Baby ran home and started to cry and Mummy ran after him. While she was getting Baby, Daddy told William and Fred to leave Baby alone and Fred kicked him and killed him. When Mummy got Baby giraffe they went back to the park and found Daddy giraffe dead. Mummy and Baby giraffe started to cry.

One week later Mummy giraffe went to William and Fred's house and told them everything. They left Baby alone that day they went to the park and went on the slide. It had greece on it so Baby giraffe slid down and got greece on him Mummy girrafe wiped it of and it wouldn't come of so thats how the giraffe became spotty.

by Sharna Fyfe

By Babby Giraffe
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