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Jade and the Witch

A myth submitted to the site by Francesca

Once there lived a thoughtful mermaid named Jade. She was just harvesting some coral when she heard a young girl skipping on a nearby bridge. She wondered what it would be like to have legs, to dance and skip, to jump and run.

She decided to watch more humans cross the bridge, when she saw someone dressed in dark robes and holding a staff. Jade watched the mysterious person look in her eyes, and.. Spoke to her. "I have heard you are dreaming of growing legs. I have a deal to offer you Jade. If you give me your voice, I shall grant you your wish." Jade thought for a moment, then she accepted the deal.

A swirl of colourful sparks spurted from the staff. Suddenly, she felt very dizzy and fell asleep. When Jade woke up, she couldn't feel her tail! She tried to gasp in amazement, but she then remembered she had lost her voice. "Well," she thought, "time to make use of my new legs!" She swam to the surface of the sea, (after learning to swim with legs) and jumped up to shore.
"Maybe I can make some friends!" She thought. Jade walked wobbly to a nearby park and met some children.
"Hi! What's your name? Do you want to play with us?" A young boy asked Jade. Of course, she couldn't say anything so she nodded politely. The boy was curious to know Jade's name, so he asked again. Jade couldn't reply and had to retain her frustration. The boy asked one last time, then got mad and threw a stone at her. Jade ran off in tears, in search of the witch.

After hours of looking, she sat on the bridge overlooking where her coral patch. She then watched the witch materialise in front of her and she smiled with relief. "Jade I see you have grown apart from your legs and your voice?" She nodded. "Well, you may have your voice and tail back if you complete a simple task. Find a boy to kiss you and you can kiss those legs away."

Jade frantically searched for a handsome gentleman but found nobody. She decided to collect some shells when she spotted a young muscular teen in a cafe window. He spotted Jade and rushed to her, then asked her if she wanted to admire some flowers. She smiled. Just her luck. She forgot about the witch's request, and followed the boy to a flower garden. He asked her many questions but she could only smile, until he got fed up and left.
"Nobody will ever like me," she thought. She searched for the furthest rock into sea, sat down, and sang a beautiful song of sorrow. It turned out she never lost her voice, she was tricked.

Nowadays, we have heard about creatures called sirens. Sirens are creatures who sing songs to lure in passing ships, then they attack them. It is thought that Jade turned into the first siren, and lived her life devouring ships for fun.

By Francesca
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