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A myth submitted to the site by Landen

Village outskirts , Ireland

Heavy moonlight had bathed the clearing in liquid silver. The bodies of those fallen lay scattered and torn. Gashes, and bruises blossoming as lavandor roses alongside their spines. Curled safely between joined boulders a young child whimpered. Long ebony black hair cascaded down her shoulders and hid her face from few as the people approached slowly. A weary mutt snapped and barked, long strands of saliva dripping from his jaw. However as they neared the apparent mourning child the dog whimpered and whined jerking at the leather that was bound around his neck. Each step they took was a step closer to the girl.

She slowly started to respond. Finally she stopped whimpering and making any noise. She stood stock still head slightly cocked in the intruders direction, but still she didn't move. An eerie silence had settled and feelings of imeanse unease and well as a growing fear took hold of the stomacks. Beside them the dog howled a mournful loud wail, the sound blood curdling to their ears.

The girl had fully turned to face them with her long bangs shadowing her eyes. Her face was paper white but had taints of red across her cheeks. Very slowly almost childishly she smiled. Long rows of white canines shown beneath her fangs. She tilted her head up to look at them revealing bloody red eyes that gazed at them with a faint hunger. Pushing herself out she lifted her head and cried a long howl that paralyzed the men with fear and torment.

A burst of flaming chains surrounded her as she lowered her head to peer at them once more. Instead of the girl a large black dog stood in her place its gaze emotionless but hungery. They watched as its muscles tensed and were unable to do anything as the hell hound leaped at them with open jaws.

By Landen
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