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Samus and the Gods

A myth submitted to the site by SKRT

The world, Mostly America

Have you ever wonderd how natrual phenominons occur or how people were made?

One day when the earth was young everything was plain, no water food or people just gods that owned there own land. All the gods were dieing from boredom no people to rule and no one to praise them. Until a god named Samus was wondering around got bored sat on a rock and started crafting a little person pretending like it was his own. Right as he was about to leave, Samus set the fake little person on the ground and it turned into a real person. He couldnt belive his eyes. So he kept crafting until he was surrounded by little people. Later Samus brought his people to his land and let live there but he had seen that his people were dieing so he made a special pair a man and woman so they can have familys.

Samus saw that his people were still dieing. The people cried out "we need to end our hunger and starvation help us please!" Samus got right to work on that. He put his hand over a peice of his land and shed water from it so the people can grow crops. He also made a dam full of water for all his people to go around. The other gods hered the chiering of the tiny people and wanted some of their own. A couple of gods were furious with the fact Samus was having people all to himself. So they threatend him so he can tell them where he made the people. The two gods told all the other gods what Samus have had and they all turned on him except his loyal friend Bruzane. Samus and the gods took their fustration and battle into space while Bruzane was crafting more tiny people for the whole world.

Samus then died in that battle and the angry gods pushed him back into the atmosphire to show his little people how weak and ungod like samus was to them. Then a big crash unsettled the plain earth. It was Samus' body that made the crash. It was so hard that the land all broke and split. All the water from the water god Samus has floded the empty areas to make the ocean. All of his people cried with salty tears that landed in the ocean. And that was the last of Samus.


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