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Family Love

A myth submitted to the site by Selina Chan

Shanghai, China

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess called Selina, she is very kind and her mum is Lusianna and her dad is Cosumika they lived in a big castle that nobody can bother them .

One day Selina argued with her dad and said " Dad!you know better than that ! everyone in the city had a boyfriend and why do i don't ! you don't want to hug your grandchildren " said Selina sadly .
"I want to hug and i will promise you i will get you a prince that you can marry happily ever after, but you had to do what i say if you want a prince. You will reach the problem on the road ." said Selina's dad .

One big morning Selina was walking on the road and then she met the problem , a big monster called Cushiama wanted to stop Selina. Selina thought a second, she remember that her dad said "you will reach the problem when you are on the road ".
A big light flash shine in Selina's eyes,a cool and nice prince arrived and said " I will save you ". Selina fell in love with the prince because he saved her live . When Selina arrived home she saw her mum and dad smiling and they said "We are a family now ".Selina quickly hug them and even her boyfriend Sumik and said "now this is a family LoVe "!!!!!!!

By Selina Chan
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