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The Legend of Hera and Athearus

Zamanland, Zamanland

February 20, 2014
The Legend of Hera and Athearus
By: Deena Al-Dahwi, 8 yrs. old

Many moons ago, there lived a god in the skies of Zamanland named Athearus. Athearus was the god of the storms which meant that he was in charge of every single storm and weather change. Though he was the god of the storms, he was quite the opposite in character. Athearus was kind, generous, very helpful, and would go out of his way for anybody. Athearus was in love with Hera.

Hera was the goddess of love and was a timeless beauty. Hera ’s hair was like silk . Her skin was the color of peaches; ready and ripe. And her character was even better than all her fabulous beauty! She was the most kind goddess; and was cheerful, intelligent, rather polite, honest, and simply wonderful. The two would make a great pair!

Athearus wanted to visit Hera so he made sure he wore his best suit made out of the finest silk. With a bottle of the most attractive perfume and delicious chocolates in one hand and his flying and diving sandals in the other, he stepped out of his house and locked the door firmly. He set off; walking on the cotton – like clouds of Zamanland to Hera’s magical house!

When Athearus arrived at Hera’s, he knocked at her grand front door. Hera appeared in a dazzling, soft, blue dress.
“Oh Hera,” cried Athearus. “I love you! May I have your hand in marriage?”
Hera refused because she thought Athearus had a volatile mood and was impatient like his storms. So, Athearus said he would do anything for her hand in marriage. Hera, gently but seriously, challenged Athearus to get a real picture of the Sea Monster. She thought that would prove if Athearus was patient or not because many people had tried and it took years and years for them to catch a glimpse of the Sea Monster… if they survived. Athearus nodded silently and then left. How was he supposed to capture a real picture of the SEAMONSTER?

Atherus arrived at his house. He packed some of his “powers” and an olden day picture-taking machine, and set off for the Pacific from Zamanland. He reached the Human World. “Where is the Pacific?” he asked himself. He seemed to have landed on a high cliff, and was looking at the clouds. “Oh, there it is!” after having questioned several talking owls. “Here goes!” exclaimed Athearus and flew down to the surface of the Pacific. He changed his shoes into diving shoes, and went into the ocean.

SPLASH! Athearus could get any power he wanted from his bag so he chose to be able to breathe under water. Instantly he got that power and began to go deep into the ocean. He had prepared himself for weeks and weeks of living under the sea!

Back in Zamanland, Hera was thinking all about Athearus. “Did he actually go? Was he actually going to do it?” All these questions were making Hera sick.

In the meantime, Athearus was looking for the Sea Monster. He was exhausted! Athearus had been waiting for weeks and weeks for the Sea Monster but he would not surrender! ‘Where was the sea monster? He asked himself. “Wait, was that a colossal, scaly tail! Or was that just my imagination?” “Am I…,” His thoughts were shattered to pieces by a rough nudge! “AAAGGHHHH,” screamed Athearus. “I’m getting chased by the Sea Monster!’

Athearus chose another amazing power: to swim faster than any sea creature. One second later, Athearus was swimming rapidly, casting millions of bubbles behind him. After a while, he stopped and turned around. He was quite a distance away from the vicious Sea Monster. He hid behind a huge rock, so that the Sea Monster lost him, but kept swimming. “Click,” went his picture machine, as the Monster swam past. “Now I am satisfied!” Athearus thought calmly. He raced to the surface of the ocean. Quickly, he turned his shoes back to the amazing flying sandals and covered his body with a towel that had suddenly appeared in his pack.

In the skies of Zamanland, Hera was worrying about Athearus so much, to the extent that she had to lie down on a sofa and close her eyes. A deep knock on her door made Hera jump….

Hera sprinted to the door, and opened it. Athearus appeared at the door in a lovely handsome suit, carrying a bouquet of pink and red fresh roses, and another hidden object behind his back! There was a long silence.
“I have something fascinating for you. It is what you wanted from me,” exclaimed Athearus. Proudly, he showed Hera her picture.
“I can’t believe that you did it!” Cried Hera “You are patient, kind, and generous,” admitted Hera. So I would be delighted to be your bride.”

So a magical wedding was planned for the next day, for the lovely Hera and Athearus. Fireworks boomed colorfully, while people danced cheerfully, and laughter was shared together. So in Zamanland, Hera and Athearus were known as the most tender and helpful couple.

And they lived delightfully contented ever after!


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