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The Beast

A myth submitted to the site by Grace Bullman

One sunny day in June something strange happened. There was a loud crash of thunder. "Mabye a storm is coming?" queried Jane.
"But it is the middle of summer!" replied Jo.
Both of the girls sat down on a nearby log and thought. In a flash they both looked at their mother who came whistling out of the front door with a basketful of washing reading for hanging out to dry.
"Mother, Mother can you hear that thunder?" asked Jo.
"Girls, you had better stop making things up. When your Father comes back you know what he will say and you know how much he hates fairy tales!" said mother sternly. Mother then left to hang out the washing whilst whistling her favourite tune.
"What dose Mother mean she can't hear that thunder?" questioned Jane.
"Well maybe she is right. There are no grey clouds or anything," mumbled Jo.
"Yeah," said Jane.
"So what should we do now?" asked Jo.
"CRASH!!!" went the sky.
There it is again thought both Jane and Jo. Suddenly they looked at each other and started shaking with fear.
"Oh no," they both cried.
In the distance they could see a tall, black figure moving slowly towards them. It was getting closer and closer.
"What is that?" they both whispered.
But no one knew...

By Grace Bullman
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