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The Beast Of Benidorm

A myth submitted to the site by Jamie

Preston Leyland , United Kingdom

Once upon a sunny day a little boy was born his name was Jason and his parents died after 5 months after he was born. So he had to live with his Nanna in Benidorm in Spain he was 7 years old after a couple years after.

When he was going to bed Jason heard a strange sound like something was screaming "Nanna I hear a strange noise in the bathroom"explained Jason
"Just cover your ears my dear and go to sleep" answered his Nanna
"But I'm only 7 and It sounds scary" squeaked Jason in a quiet voice. He shut his door with his light on in a rush he got into his bed the door started to open really slowly "Nanna my door is opening by it own" said Jason
"As if" Spoke his Nanna. The door started to creak it was fully open Jason saw a hairy arm
"Huh who is this near my room"
"Who are you I am going to kill you!" Spoke a voice "Whhhhaaattt" spoke Jason in a scared way then a minute after he saw... A werewolf standing right in front of him "Ahhhhh get away hairy man"shouted Jason then the werewolf went closer to him and closer and licked his lips and went as close as he can to him and bit him on the arm and blood was splattered everywhere and Jason was killed. The werewolf jumped out the window.

His Nanna came upstairs shocked "oh noooooo Jason noooo" shrieked his Nanna. She called the ambulance they said he was dead and she was ever sadder. Then suddenly the werewolf jumps through the window and kills all the ambulance people and Nanna.
The end

By Jamie
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