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Liar Liar

A myth submitted to the site by Kahleahkc


Not long ago their was a girl named Alice Night who was 16 and lived out in the country of Oregon. One day she got a text on her phone from a blocked number that asked. Do you believe in ghosts? She thought it was from her older brother named James so she texted back Yes.

That night she was home alone with her brother when she was awoken by the sound of a door slamming shut very loudly. She assumed it was her brother so she ignored it until she heard the sound of something very large crash to the ground from upstairs. She got out of bed and went to turn her room light on but the power had gone out due to a rain storm that had been going on all night. She grabbed her phone and used the light to find her way threw her old house, she made her way upstairs to a hallway that had a set of doors leading to different rooms.

As she shined a light on the walls of the hall she saw long claw marks that went all the way down the hallway leading to a black wooden door at the end of the hall. As she examined the marks she was startled by the sound of a weak cry that came from the door at the end of the hall, thinking it may be her brother she went to the door but found she couldn't open it. Suddenly loud cries of her brother rang threw out the house making Alice struggle to open the door by leaning against it and trying to push it open. As quickly as the cries came suddenly they stopped and a voice whispered to her from the other side of the door in a low growl voice that she would never forget. "Liar, Liar."

As the voice finished speaking Alice was suddenly able to get the door open as if whatever was holding it closed had stopped.

Once opening the door she was horrified to see James who lay dead impaled with a sword threw his back and glass shards impaling his arms and legs. On the wall of the house written in James's blood was a message to Alice that said. LIAR LIAR WHAT A SHAME, I HAD FUN LETS PLAY AGAIN. YOU LIED TO ME NOW PAY THE PRICE, I FIRST TOOK HIS AND NOW YOUR MINE. ITS FUNNY TO ME BECAUSE NONE OF THIS WOULD'VE HAPPENED IF YOU HADN'T LIED.
FROM. Devil

Alice was found dead the next night with her body in the same room as James both impaled with glass and a sword threw their backs but in Alice's blood was a message that said. LIAR LIAR.

By Kahleahkc
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