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How the Tiger Became

Big field by a Jungle, Africa

Long long time ago there were some animals and all they did was hunt,eat and sleep. Except on animal the tiger all he did was doze around and do nothing , So he had no job at all like the others animals.

"I don't like what this tiger does because all he does is nothing, But we all have to do jobs for our living its not fair is it guys?" shouted one of the animals
"No its not is it he should get a job!" yelled all the others back! so they all marched to find the tiger and put it right, and the way they liked it.

As the animals walked and walked as the time ticked by, They came across a tree where the tiger lay silently asleep. Suddenly the tiger woke up in in shock and shake with rage as the animals raised a big crash and started to yell and shout saying get a job, get a job.

The tiger was a bit upset because he didn't like the thought that the animals didn't like him for who he was. Until one day he realized he could be himself and get a job and that way he was happy and so were the animals because he had a job. He went on search for a job until he started to feel hungry and tired.

However before he went for a nap he hunted down to 1 deer to fill him up. Then he realized that hunting was fun and not silly and this should be his job - it was just right, "Ill tell the animals tomorrow in the morning they will be dead jealous when they find out my job is like theirs."

And he thought "Ill take i nap first aha!"

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