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Legend of the Warrior Princess

A myth submitted to the site by Lilo Al-Dahwi

Futurania, USA

February 27, 2014
Legend of the Princess Warrior
By: Lilo Al-Dahwi- 8 yrs old

It all started in Futurania, when Coral, an extremely talented, courageous warrior princess was miserable. She had just had a battle a few days earlier against the Zorbs of Neptune. Very sadly indeed, half of Futurania’s warriors had not survived. After thinking carefully, Coral decided to seek help. Just then, a light bulb shone in Coral’s brain - of course, the amazing, the extra powerful Emerald Star would be able to help. Emerald Star was the most dominant magician of all the land.

Zippety quick, Coral flew off to Emerald Star’s gob-smacking tower. She rang the bell.
“What do you want?’ asked Emerald Star impatiently.
“It’s really urgent. We’ve had a battle, and lost most of our warriors. Can you please make me more powerful?” pleaded Coral.
There was a moment of silence as Emerald Star thought about it. Coral stood there waiting…still no answer…waiting longer…no answer…waiting…nothing. Finally, there was a response.
“Only if you sketch a Cyclops’ face, and take a picture of the angry volcano in Hawaii!” commanded Emerald at last.
Coral frowned silently. “How am I supposed to sketch a Cyclops’ head?” she thought. “The Cuclops is so fierce, and I am not even good at drawing.”
As Coral strolled home, she met an elf.
“Excuse me, do you know where any Cyclopses live?” enquired Coral, trying to sound calm. She could not believe she was actually talking to an elf.
“Why I’ve just been there,” responded the elf, as if it were human. It smiled broadly. “Six hundred miles behind that tower,” the elf continued, pointing to Emerald’s Tower.
Using her power machine, Coral gained silent power. Luckily, she was a princess. Nobody could eat her. Now she was only a few steps from the cave. Sketch, sketch, sketch, scribble! Peeping anxiously at the one-eyed freak, Coral had started drawing and restarted over and over. It took what seemed like a decade. Even though Coral was suffering a little, she wouldn’t stop. She persevered, as well as starving to death and finally she finished.
Immediately, Coral soared to Hawaii, landing in a puddle of sweltering, slimy lava. Even her shield was melting. So many things were happening. How was she possibly going to sketch? Additionally, today, the volcano’s eruptions were extra forceful. A split second later, a gush of wind blew her onto the edge of the immense volcano. Trying to get her balance, she teetered almost falling into the volcano! Coral began sketching rapidly. Petrified, she kept restarting even when she became exhausted. Nothing, for the sake of Futurania, would stop Coral from getting to be more powerful. Nothing.
In the meantime, Emerald was thinking constantly about Coral - feeling ashamed because she had been very harsh to order such dangerous risks from a lone devastated warrior. Emerald tried not to think too much, but a year had passed, and there was no sign of Coral.
Back in Hawaii, Coral was still trying to capture the frightfulness of the Volcano. No hope. Trying so hard…until …today. Eventually, she succeeded. It was her birthday. Guess what! Coral just returned to Futurania!
“Oh I’m so relieved. Come in quick. Are you all …’’ questioned Emerald Star concerned.
“I did it!’’ interrupted Coral; handing Emerald the impossible sketches. They both were exuberant.
“I was really foolish not to accept to help,” admitted Emerald embarrassed. “I should’ve accepted immediately.’’
Everyone of Futurania gathered round to sing happy birthday. Later, a gargantuan feast was held. Villagers, kings, fairies, warriors and all sorts of creatures came and enjoyed. Food was passed around, tales were told, songs were sung and everyone had a spectacular time. The best part was that Emerald had given Coral a very beneficial potion to sprinkle before every battle.
That’s not all! The very next day, there was a battle against the Zaliens of Spurling. In about a minute and a half, every single zalien was crushed to their bones!
“Hurrah, hurray, I saved the day!’’ cheered Coral, as happy as ever. In every battle she’s ever had since she received the potion, she’d crushed the opponents just like that!
So with that, Futurania’s people all lived a magnificent, peaceful life!!

The End

By Lilo Al-Dahwi
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Name: Radhika 13th March 2016
respect to warrior princess
Name: Yosr Mohamed 9th March 2014
Very interesting and has lots of imagination and creativity with very vivid descrition
Name: Rawda Badr 9th March 2014
Great story of courage and perseverance. I am just thinking is the potion really the reaon why Coral has been able to crush her opponents or the fact that in her journey to secure the potion she discovered the great courage within herself. Well done Lilo I really enjoyed reading this.
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