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How A Cheeta Got Its Spots

A myth submitted to the site by Ruby McCraney

25 centerys ago cheetas were brown and very soft. A cheeta named Meha wanted to go outside and play. Her mom told her to put on a coat. Meha didnt listen to her so she ran outside.

She was playing and her freind Goly came along to play. Goly was a gorilla, he was black and had brown spots. Meha and Goly were both going to agree on a game to play and they wanted to play hide and seek. So they stared to play hide and seek and Meha stared to count to 45. She finllany finshed and she was looking for Goly. She looked all over the place and every time she looked somewher she would day, " You arent there you have brown spots that are so ugly so you aren there."

Goly got very sad, Goly ran home and got a jaket and put it on so Meha couldnt see his spots. Well, Meha told Goly a lot of mean things so Goly was very sad. Goly stared to cry and Meha didnt care that Goly Started to cry, so she kept on picking on Goly and when Goly hept on asking her to stop, she wouldnt stop. So Goly plugged his ears and he stilled cryed.

Meha went over to Goly and unplugged his ears. Goly told Meha to quit, but she never did. So Goly plugged his ears so strong and Meha tryed and tryed to unplugge them but she gave up so than she just ran home.

Meha never picked on anyone anymore so than what happend was 2 years later, she gew spots because she was very mean to Goly. And Goly asked Meha how does it feel and she said it didnt feel any diffrent. And a giriffe picked on her and she didnt like it, so she never picked on anyone for the rest of her days.

By Ruby McCraney
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Name: Abigail Owens 18th March 2014
I liked your story but you need to read over your story to make sure it makes sense ok and you had a lot of spelling wrong
Name: Afrah 11th March 2014
I like it
Name: Selcon Glip 9th March 2014
Cool story! XD But how did the CHEETAH get spots? Lots of grammer mistakes but I enjoyed! Thank You for spending your time on this story. Next time fix your spelling and grammer! Good Luck!!! =3
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