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The Cursed Werewolf

A myth submitted to the site by Matthew

In 1986, there was a vilage filled with legends and misterys. One of the legends is named The Cursed Werewolf, it was the most popular legend among all. And this is what the legend says...

Once there lived a loving father named Jack. He was a hardworking man and always supplies everything that his family need. One day Jack went out to the woods to hunt animals for food. He was walking around carefully looking for predators, suddenlly a person jumped out of no where and warned Jack to leave as there is pack of woves running to Jack's spot but he did not beleived him. And so the the packed of woves ran to Jack in the mean time Jack pointed his shotgun at one of the wolves but than it was too late, the pack of wolves ran over Jack and when he was about to die, he looked into the sky and
saw a fullmoon and then his skin turned grey and sharp fur is growing everywhere of his body and eventually he turned into a werewolf.

From that day on he was cursed to kill anyone who try to either hurt his family or trespassing the woods till this day he is still cursed and protects the forest.

By Matthew
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