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The Monk who Chose to Die

A myth submitted to the site by Smret Bereket

Village, Cenya

An elegant noise rose above the flock of birds. The morning sun was beaming brightly above the delicate jungle. The ground was covered in a blanket of rich moist soil. The leaves were flaming with joy, as the animals woke up gazing up at the ultra-marine sky with cotton wool clouds.

The trees branches were filled with a family of scarlet parrots the babies were rosy pink. Tightening their piggy eyes they watched their mum soar away in the sky finding for crunchy nuts. The bushes were planting out violet berries on their nettle bodies. Sitting huddled together a herd of gorillas munched on soft silky leaves. The gorillas had a coat of jet-black , their eyes had little green sparks twinkling furiously.

But deep in the woods were animals live there was just one monk walking around. This monk is walking around in nowhere because of this: in 1971 the king had sent a message that all monks should be banished. All monks were banished if any refuses they had their head chopped of all except a monk who stayed hidden away from the kings soldiers.

One day one of the kings wizards found the monk on the streets asked the monk a question the question was "if you had choice of to die or live which one will you choose?". The monk stood up and said "die." The wizard looked confused "why is that" said the wizard
"Because I want to be with my family"

After that the wizard thought of a very cruel thing. He went to the king and told him what the monk had asked only the wizard didn't know it was a monk. After that the king thought that he shall get one of his soldiers and shoot the monk in public. So the next day the wizard told the king where he found the monk and received a bag of gold from the king. The king the rode off to the village to kill the poor monk.

The monk was then alarmed when he found out he was going to be dragged to the wall and be shot by the solider in the kings orders. A crowd of people watched as the king gave the countdown 1...2...3 SHOO...before he could say shoot the monk shouted out TRAPPED! and when the king said shoot and the bullet busted out gun, it hit the monk in the heart. Nowadays scientist had found the body and kept it in the lab the scientist kept cameras around the lab just in case anyone try to steal it and then they will see who it was. Then early the next morning the scientist found out that the monks body had gone. They looked at the camera and it showed that the monk was swallowed up in limbo and had been trapped now the monk just walks around in the middle of nowhere thinking that he is in 1971 Monday 12:00 March in town.

By Smret Bereket
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