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How Tiger Got Stripes

A myth submitted to the site by Kiera D

The Amazon Rainforest

Many, many aeons ago when tiger was plain orange a young tiger called Tigger was wandering aimlessly through the wet rain forest. Tigger thought he was a brave tiger until air started getting colder and the light suddenly dimmed. Tigger started to wonder what had happened to daddy tiger when he died. He was around here, wasn’t he; a shiver ran down his spine as all these thoughts ran crazily in his tiny head. He shrugged them off and padded on but the same thoughts kept on coming back.

Then he came across a temple that had the words WHIPLASH engraved in it. Looking like it had a death wish, an antelope pranced past. Tigger snarled happily finally a chance to show off he thought, grinning at the expression on his mummy tiger’s face. In a move as quick as lightning, tigger pounced and killed the antelope. It was only afterwards he realised his mistake. He was in whiplash’s temple and the antelope was his sacred animal. It was hugely disrespectful to do that in his temple.

Then to his absolute terror, Whiplash emerged on his chariot of terror. Whiplash was the god of torture and rainforests. He grabbed Tigger and whisked him off, the last he saw was a cave then the world whizzed around and turned black.

Scared, cold, lonely Tigger awoke he saw whiplash lift his extra-long black tongue to whip him. The tongue came down and a searing pain rushed through his small body. And again and again until the pain was too much and he blacked out, for the second time in one day.

When he came around again he wasn’t in whiplash’s cave he was underground and in a luxury bed. Then suddenly a weird woman appeared and said her name was Moon peace. Tigger remembered the myths; Moonpeace was a goddess of the moon and peace. She helped him to a mat and started to tell what happened after he blacked out. While she told him she wiped off some of the black marks but most of them stayed. He thanked her and scampered home where he stayed happily and lived with his mum.

The end

Written by Kiwi

By Kiera D
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