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Why Jaguars are Shy

A myth submitted to the site by Elinor M

The Amazon Rainforest

Many, many years ago in the beautiful rainforest when Jaguars where very brave and confident, Baby Jaguar was waiting for his Mum to wake up so they could go out and catch their food. When she did wake up she was worried a usual. “I’m over here don’t worry about me!” Said Baby Jaguar very loudly.

As they stepped out of there leaf den that they both made before Daddy Jaguar sadly died, Mummy Jaguar sprinted right next to the crystal, Glimmering River with Baby Jaguar or as His mum called him Go-go dancer stammering along behind her. “Wait here it may be dangerous,” warned Mummy Jaguar as they approached an open tiny field of dry grass. As she stepped in to the field she heard a torturing cackle, she roared baring her huge, white fangs to protect her baby.
” If you kill the other creatures I will kill you!” Cackled the fire god. A cute little toucan god gracefully carried her up to heaven with a golden flash of light.

Baby Jaguar couldn’t bare the sight, he sprinted as fast as his little legs could go shouting at every big cat he saw “My mum was killed by a fire god!” They all were very shocked and scared and ran home as well. Baby go-go (baby Jaguar) lay on his beautiful leaf bed with the thoughts of the sight boggling in his mind.
”Now and for ever I will hide in the leaves and the bushes and stay away from people and gods,” he thought to himself.

As he grew older and stronger he found himself with a wife and triplets still in the same den altogether. “Your mum must have been very brave! But not as brave as me!” boasted one of the triplets as Go-go told them the story. The only girl snuggled up with her mum and shivered. And that is why Jaguars are shy.

Written by Elinor

By Elinor M
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