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The Dragon's Burden

A myth submitted to the site by Selcon Glip

The Dragon's Burden

Hi, my name is David Pennykettle! I'm eighteen years old. Until a few months ago, I was a boarding school student at Wilderness school in Pennsylvania. I was minding my own business, when the announcement called me into the principal's office. While I was walking down the hallway to the principal's office I wondered, "What did I do wrong this time? I did not call out the answer in math class. I didn't play any pranks on anyone in the lunch room. I didn't fidget around in my seat in ELA class." I got to the principal's office before I can think about it. I entered the principal's office with the principal waiting for me. We had a nice long chat.

At the end of the conversation she gave me an envelope and ordered me to get lunch from the cafeteria. When I got there it was all empty, until I noticed a shadowy figure in the cafeteria waiting for me...

I was in panic when I saw the shadowy figure. I automatically ran for the door. A lightning bolt struck me. I looked up. There was no rain clouds in the sky and mostly no roof!!! I saw lightning crackling from the shadowy figures hands. I was so startled that I blacked out.

I woke up and found myself on a bed. I saw a girl tending to my shock wounds. I was so frightened. I tried to get up but paws held me down. Wait. Paws? I panicked in my head. What do I do? What do I do? I blacked out a second time.

A few hours later, I found myself alone in a tent. I got up and walked out the tent. I was in total shock. There were dragons' everywhere. There were dragons battling each other, flying from tent to tent , and even helping humans (I think). I was amazed by what I saw. I pinched myself to check if I was sleeping. I wasn't. I saw a person walking toward me. I instinctively pulled out a supicious looking dice. I rolled it. It landed on a one. The weapon appeared in my hand. The weapon looked like a pole-arm, but a little longer, a dragon lance. I made the woman back off.
"Don't come any closer!" I said.
"I am not here to harm you. Welcome to the Dragon's Training Grounds. I am Liz and the girl on my right is Lucy." said Liz.
"Hello what's-your-name." said Lucy.
"Excuse me Lucy, you do not talk to me like that. For your information my name is David." I said. We had a long chat.

"Come on David to my tent to get your very first starter dragon. I am sure you know what that means." says Liz.
"It means I go cuckoo with power and go running around like a maniac? Or it means I am carry around a very horrible burden I have to carry around with me, and get a cracked back from carrying my dragon around?" I said.
"No you don't won't be doing that David. You will be carrying them around in your backpack." said Liz.
"How do I stuff a GIGANTIC dragon into my backpack? Tell me! OH! Please don't tell me that I have do what I said. I do not like doing what you said in a I-have-to-carry-a-really-heavy-burden-and-break-my-back kind of way. I will not do it until you tell me how to do that exactly.Hmph!" I said.
"Well," said Liz,"your starter dragon is a mini-dragon rather than the wild ones in the wild. Your dragon is like a mini version of the wild dragons. They change into a statue when they are carried around, or defeated by a wild dragon. You get what I mean now?"
"Yes, I do get it, and about the first thing I said..." I said.
"That sometimes happens when your dragon goes all cuckoo. Your bond between your dragon is so powerful that you can actually feel the pain it is in, and it controls your emotions." said Liz.
"Oh. Let's go get my first dragon." I said cheerfully. "Let's!" said Liz nodding her head.

"Are we there yet?" I said impatiently. "No, we are not." said Liz paranoid.
"Are we there yet?" I said again.
"No!" said Liz.
"Are we there NOW?" I said.
"Yes." said Liz.
"Woah! That is a big tent you have there." I said.
"It was from my dad, DragonTamer, he is the legendary dragontamer." said Liz.
"Y-y-you are daughter of Dragontamer?" I said.
"Yeh. Got a problem now?" said Liz.
"No, no problem." I muttered under his breath.
"Good!" said Liz who had sharp hearing, "Which starter would you want David?" said Liz,"We have a writing dragon, a wishing dragon, and a healing dragon."
"Hmmm...This is a tough choice, but I will stick with the writing dragon." I said.
"Great choice. The writing dragon has the ability to predict the future, and help you write a book." said Liz.
"Ummm...I want to change now." I said.
"But you can't because the starter you pick already attached itself to you. If you get rid of it, it will have it's revenge." said Liz.
"Oh." I said.
"At least you can now explore the training grounds. Your dragon can guide you." said Liz.
"YAY!!!" I said, and with that I went running around like a maniac. "Sheesh! I guess what he said first really happened to him." muttered Liz under her breath.
"Let's see what I should name you. Hmmm...Writer, Granger, Grey, argggg. You tell me what name you want please." I said. The writing dragon bit on the eraser then scribbled a name down. David looked at what the dragon wrote. On it it said this:
"So you want me to call you Gadzook." asked I inquiring. Gadzook nodded it's head up and down. "Okay Gadzook my little dragon guide where are going to first?" Gadzook thought about it. Then went zooming of in a direction. I ran after it. A second later they were by a place that looked supiciously like a bathroom. Gadzook was drinking water from a water fountain. Up above Gadzook was a sign it wrote:
"Hahaha Gadzook. Really funny." I said. Gadzook made figure signals. 3...2...1...0. "I need to use the bathroom." I said. Immediatly a colorful burst of colors burst in my head like a supernova. It was like the dragon was laughing. How did I know? I was laughing too. I was laughing my head off. "Okay." I said still giggling,"Where do we go next Gadzooks?" Gadzooks thought for a second. Then it went flying off. "You better not bring me to the place that is like embarrasing." I shouted after it. Then I followed it to a place I didn't know about. Gadzook wrote and put it on the wall. It said:
Training Grounds
"Oh no Gadzook. You are not going there to battle." I said. Out popped a voice out of nowhere.
"Too late David. Starters always have to go to there very first battle." said the voice earnestly. I whipped around to see Liz talking. "Why didn't you tell me before?" I asked furiously.
"If I did tell you would not get a starter." said Liz. "Ummm...does that mean I am going in the Training Grounds?" I asked nervously.
"Yes. You are going right-about-now." said Liz.
"Uh-oh." I said.
The minute they stepped in the dragon was really, really, really excited. Then until I say my opponent. It was...Lucy! Both Gadzooks and I was quivering with fear by now when they saw their opponent.
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are going to start with the battle between the home team, Lucy, and the beginner, David. Are you guys ready, get set fight!!!" said the announcer. The bell rang. I watched Lucy. She was all weird. She had purple eyes when I looked at her when the bell rang.
"Starlight, use slash." said Lucy. A talon ripped Gadzooks arm. I screamed in agony. I thought this was not suppose to happen I thought to myself. Wincing in pain I said,"Gadzook hit it with your paw!" When it connected with Starlight and left a bruise there was no damage on her. I thought this does not make sense. How come I get injured when Gadzook gets injured and Lucy does not? He was just about to find out.
"Starlight uses DRAGON RAGE." said Lucy. WHAT! A dragon can't learn that. As soon as it made contact I screamed in agony when the light was gone there was a statue on the floor of Gadzook, nibbling on the pencil eraser deep in thought. What was I left with? I was left with my clothes steaming and a really big gash on arm. The damage was big on my arm. As soon as I saw my wound I blacked out.

"Here we go again." I groaned.
"How did you get all those bruises David?" asked Liz. I told the whole story about what happened in the training grounds. As soon as she heard that she muttered about a curse on a beginner will go to her training grounds and will be an expertise, or did I hear wrong. All of a sudden a rustle sounded. "Oops. Guess it is the wishing dragon that went loose. "David help me catch this dragon." said Liz. "Ok," I said, and I followed Liz outside to catch the wishing dragon. "Gawain go. Slash it." said Liz. The wishing dragon came out of nowhere and stood there. Just stood there. It was as if staring Gawain down. "Gadzook, hit it." I said. The wishing dragon just stood there. Then Gawain faced Gadzook! "Uh-oh" said Liz. Then Gawain ran toward me. I had to do this. He rolled the dice again. It landed on a six. A bow appeared in my hands. He shot the arrow at the wishing dragon. It stopped controlling Gawain to stop the arrow from reaching him. Then I rolled the dice again. It landed on a two. He got a box in his hand. A small box. Instinctively he threw it at the wishing dragon. It was caught by surprised and went into the box. Then he tried to give it to Liz, but she said "It is yours to keep since you captured it." said Liz. "Thanks." I said.

"I am ready to let you go on your first quest to save the world." said Liz. "You have to cross Guinevere's Garden, and pass Gwyillian's cave to protect the world from..." Before Liz finished talking I ran out the tent.

When we went through the gates to Guinevere's Garden there was a beautiful, peaceful, inviting song. My dragon's, G'reth and Gadzook, flew to the person making the song, until I realized Guineverse's powers were too lure your dragon's in to stay forever. I grabbed them and ran for the exit.

As we passed through Gwyillian's Cave we met a shadowy figure. "Who are you?" I asked. It cackled,"I am Gwyillian. I am a sorceress. I am..." Before she finished I ran with my dragon's to the exit.

"We are safe at last." I said. "You sure?" someone asked. I whipped around to see a man with a dragon's skull for a helmet. "Now I am not." I said. I whipped out my dragonlance. Who was this guy? He is DragonSlayer.I can't let him slay my dragon's so I charged. I stabbed my javelin into DragonSlayer's foot. Out poured blood. He feel to his knees and layed there. Time to go back to camp I thought, and with that they were back at the training grounds again.
I saw someone familiar the minute I entered the training grounds. I thought for a minute and remembered that is my dad. "Dad!" I cried. "Do you know who I am?" my dad asked. "You are DragonTamer." I said. "You are correct and I will like to congratulate you for completing your first quest, and remember you are a son of DragonTamer." said my dad. I lived happily ever after in the Dragon's Training Grounds. Or did I?

By Selcon Glip
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