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The Girl And The Giant or The Boy And The Doll?

A myth submitted to the site by Rimsha Noor Mufti

Los Angeles, America

There once lived a girl called Stacey. As kind and merry as she was, she felt a bit lonely at times, for she was all on her own. One day, she woke up early to discover a giant eye staring at her through her window!

Just then, the door flung open and in came flying a giant hand. Stacey got super frightened and grabbed a chair to tackle the enormous hand. It was no use, the giant hand pulled on the chair easily and lifted it out of her tiny house, including her.

"Aaahhh!" cried Stacey, as she made eye contact with the giant.
"Don't shout! I'm not a giant, I'm Michael, and your my sister's friend's birthday present. You're a doll you know... I can't believe it, you're alive!" said Michael with astonishment in his huge eyes.

"Huhh?!" Stacey did not get a word Michael had said, but cheered up when he offered her a giant block of chocolate.
"Thanks!" she said.
After she finished the block, Michael's hand came rolling out like a carpet.
"Hop on then! Lets go and explore!" Michael beamed down at her.

After a few minutes of looking around, Michael grabbed a pair of toy wings out of a bright pink basket and placed them on Stacey's back, surprising her.
"Huhh!?" she went.
"Go on then, fly around like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan!" Michael said looking excited.
"Huhh!?" Again,Stacey did not get what Michael meant, but adjusted herself in the toy wings and actually flew!
"Wee hee!" she laughed.

After a few minutes of flying about, Stacey sat down on the side of a huge bed and relaxed, while Michael filled an empty ball with water. Then, he grabbed a mermaid doll out of the bright pink basket, took the tail of the mermaid doll, and threw it to Stacey.
"Go on then, swim about like those mermaids of Neverland!" Michael said looking excited again.
"Huhh!?" Stacey said, but let go of her toy wings, put on the toy tail, and jumped in with a great SPLASH!!
"Wee hee!" she laughed.

"What should we do now?" Stacey asked as she hopped out of the ball, taking of the toy tail. This was the first time she actually spoke to Michael.
"Oh no! My sister is back home, I have to put you back right now! And oh, this is my sister's ring, keep it, she wouldn't mind if she found it on you, which she shouldn't, try to hide it from her. Keep it as a gift from me." said Michael in a hurry.
"I'll miss you Michael!" cried Stacey.
"I'll miss you more!" Michael cried.

After giving each other a quick hug, Michael placed Stacey in the doll house.
"I'll try convincing my sister not to give you away! Bye!" Michael waved goodbye.
"Bye!" waved Stacey as she put on Michael's ring with a grin.

By Rimsha Noor Mufti
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