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Pertheus and the Phenix

A myth submitted to the site by Lillie

Once there was a young boy called Pertheus, he was son of the great god Zeus. Zeus looked over him he knew that something was going to happen to him years on. One day a new king came to rule Crete and his name was Minos, everyone in the city knew about him except Pertheus. A couple of years later King Minos heard that Pertheus was the son of Zeus. So he sent one of his messengers to get Pertheus and bring him to king Minos
'' I have heard that you are the son of the great and powerful Zeus!'' Boomed King Minos
Mumbling Pertheus said '' yes I am.''
''Great then prove it, I want you to bring me back the head of the evil phenix!'' Scared to death of this challenge that King Minos set him, he slowly walked away.

The next day Pertheus woke up in horror to find that it was the day that he had to go and defeat the meanest creature in all the land. As he set of Hermes came, the messenger of the gods
'' I have come to give you these, they will help you to kill the Phenix.'' Shaking Pertheus took the these useful things and asked
'' I don't know which way to go.''

'' It is I Pertheus the son of Zeus.'' Pertheus in shock shouted it as loud as he could.
'' Zeus!'' The Phenix laughed. As he was laughing Pertheus tried so hard to get his head with zeus mighty sword but the phenix only just noticed that he was trying to get it's head. Pertheus stepped back trebling in fear as the creature got closer to him, Pertheus swung again and this time he chopped of the head and red blood went everywhere. Pertheus picked up the head and ran home.

The next day Pertheus went to show King Minos. The King of Crete was in surprise and in that surprise he died by not breathing and then Pertheus was crowned King.

By Lillie
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