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The Golden Dragon of Argaron

A myth submitted to the site by Daniella

Mt. Dora, USA

Somewhere far away in a land that no person has ever ventured, a golden dragon known as Argron lived in a cave of crystals and treasures. The dragon ruled the place, murdering and slaughtering the other creatures on the land who dared entered Argron's territory. Argron was a fearless and murderous dragon who didn't care for anyone or anything. If Argron were to stay on the island forever, all of the creatures would soon die and Argron would be the only creature living on the island. But Argron didn't know that if his murderous ways didn't end, the loss of all of the animals could result in his death as well.

A brave young man from Norway known as Lukas had heard of this dragon before as a child from stories and legends. Everybody he knew thougt he was pretty stupid for believing in such a tale, but Lukas believed the dragon existed. It was his wish to find this land and find the beast. Years passed, and Lukas turned 18. At that time, he knew how to create his own weapons and armor. Crafting all that he needed, he waited until night to steal a boat from his parents and venture off into the sea alone. Lukas was dedicated to finding this dragon.

He took one of the books from his childhood with him for directions. He had heard in one of his books that the dragon's island was somewhere far in the Norwegian Sea, hidden by pointed rocks and deep fog. He set sail into the sea, beginning his travels to find Argron and end the dragon's reign of terror. Days later, Lukas had yet to find anything. But he refused to give up. He had gotten so far, and wasn't going to turn back now. Soon enough, he found a certain area covered with sharp pointed stones and covered in fog. The legends were true. Lukas had found the dragon's lair.

Lukas's heart pounded in fear and excitement. His dream was coming true. But it wasn't easy entering the area. The rocks were so close together that the boat he was in hardly fit through. The fog was so thick, that even his lightest torch could hardly light the way. The farther he went, the thicker the fog got. Sprawled across the rocks were skeletons of animals and travelers that had tried to get to the same place Lukas was. Cracked helmets and broken swords surrounded the skeletons. They were people with the same ambitions as Lukas.

Bravely, Lukas made his way through the thickness of the fog and the roughness of the stone and stepped off of what was left of his boat and looked up. Amongst the sand and rocks was a large cave. Lukas ran towards the cave, but as he got closer and closer, he realized how high up the cave really was. There was no other way but to venture up the mountain. Lukas made his way to a rocky area near the mountain and began to climb. The rocks were sharp and rough, and dug deep into his skin. The pain was unbearable, but Lukas was dedicated. He wanted to follow his dreams.

He was halfway up and oh so close to reaching the top. Just as he thought it would all be over soon, a large black shadow passed by him, almost knocking him off from the cliff. He gripped hard onto the rock, preventing himself from falling. The black creature was huge. It had the wings of a bat and the head of a dog of some sort. Instead of a body, black smoke was pulsating out of the bottom half of it's body. Lukas jumped onto a rock easy enough to stand on and drew his sword, ready to face whatever beast this was.

The beast let out a terrible shreik, almost enough to make a man go deaf. Lukas cringed, knowing that this creature would be difficult to defeat. But he had a strong heart, and was willing to take the risk. As the creature swooped in to take a hit, Lukas swung his sword at it's neck, slicing it off. The animal screamed, it's smoky body falling into the darkness. Lukas stared down. He could have been killed. This adventure had just turned cold.

Finally, he made it to the end. The cave was right in front of him. Bones, dried blood and dead bodies surrounded the area around him. They led right into the cave. He followed the trail of corpses into the cave, looking around. As it got darker, he lit a torch. But the light wasn't enough. He had to trail on through the dark, without any way to see. But before all hope was lost, there was a glowing at the end of the cave. A bright golden color. This was it. He had found Argron.

The dragon lay still with it's tail curled over it's snout. It slept on a pile of gold, gems, and all sorts of valuable items. He slowly made his way closer, making sure to be absolutely quiet. But just as he was close enough, he tripped over a necklace of pearls, falling onto the stone ground with a loud thud that echoed through the cave. A loud growl rose from the dragon's throat as it lifted it's head. It's peircing gaze shone and stared right at Lukas.

He began to shake, drawing his sword from his back. This was the moment of truth. The dragon stood on all four legs, lifting it's head and let out a blood curdling roar that made Lukas's ears ring. Fearlessly, he ran forward towards Argron with his sword raised. He swung at the dragon's snout, leaving a large cut across it's nose. But it did absolutely nothing.

The dragon swung at Lukas with a large claw, slicing him in half with a single blow. Lukas had failed. The dragon had won. His dreams were crushed. It is said that Lukas's sorrow caused the sun to disappear through the winter in Norway. Legend has it that Argron still lives to this very day.

By Daniella
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