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The. Trojan War

Greece, Greece

The Trojan War

It had been 10 years, 10 long years of trying to penetrate through the walls of Troy. We haven't been able to get in, even after trying our hardest. After we get in the first thing I will do is to drink the blood of the Trojans, especially after what that soon to be dead Prince did to our Queen. I wanted to be the one to win the war for us. Me, Ajax the v soldier ending the long war for Greece.

I am sick of this and I just want this war to end. Oh how I enjoyed the first day of landing, slaying the Trojans on the beach with my sword and spear. We did not build a camp , but we built one 9 years later near the beaches. Days kept on passing and we kept on fighting the Trojans. They also sent new batches of troops from Greece. We usually push forward really quickly when we get a new batch of troops, but most end up getting killed and only some survive. Sometimes we reached the outer walls and the others build and use battering rams whilst us swordsmen and archers protect them and fend the enemy away. It wouldn't last for too long though. The Trojans would just push us back to where we came from.

We would also hunt for sheep, goat and cows. Our camp was full of flies, mosquitoes, mice and fleas. We also had head lice jumping from person to person. I also remember the time Apollo sent a plague killing many soldiers at camp. He will pay for that! At night some if us would guard whilst the others slept. If there was any danger we would be woken up ready to fight.

I was at camp sitting down and training with Echion. I was having I a night shift today so I didn't need to fight unless we were heavily struggling, which we weren't. Odysseus was here too, training heavily with us. Suddenly he glanced at a soldier who was making a model horse out of wood and he ran up to Agamemnon. I asked them what was going on and they revealed the plan to me. It was an amazing idea, building a large wooden horse with soldiers inside it and giving it to the Trojans as a gift. Once the Trojans hauled the horse in, the soldiers would leap out, and open the gates to let us in and slaughter the citizens of Troy. Since I was one of their best soldiers, I got extra priority which meant that I could be in the horse.

Since we were doing very well in the war, it would look suspicious if we just gave up so we would just have to struggle and let the Trojans just push us back for a couple of weeks (obviously not let them kill us). Odysseus and the other soldiers who volunteered (including me) decided to row off to a nearby island called Tenedos, to build the horse. Obviously we didn't want the Trojans blowing off our plan. We would fit at least around 20 soldiers inside and we would take out the operation at night. I went back to Troy while some others replaced us but Odysseus stuck with the horse. It was hard but we had to let the Trojans push us around a bit for the sake of the plan. I also got a very bad cut on my foot. I was just going around minding my own business (struggling on purpose) when this lunatic came with his sword very low which meant a lot of bleeding legs. At least 15 people got injured and an update on my to do list:

Get through the walls of Troy
Drink the blood of Trojans
Murder Paris and cut his head off to use it as an ornament
Murder Apollo and cut his head off to use it as an ornament
Murder the lunatic and cut his head off to use it as an ornament

I had to rest for 2 days which was quite disappointing, but after that I will have to go the Spartan way. Fight to live, live to fight!

Well, 2 days has past and it's time to operate our plan. The sun has just set and the citizens and soldiers have gone to sleep except for the gate guards. I look towards into the sea and I see Odysseus and the other soldiers coming with the horse on our ship while most of the other soldiers were heading off to Tenedos. We got into the horse with some food supplies.

They haul the horse into the city in the morning. They celebrate and gave fun for the whole day. At night we silently climbed out of the horse. We tiptoed behind the guards and ended their lives. I opened gate and turned around when a sword went right through my chest. The last thing I saw was Odysseus cutting off the head of Apollo and the last noise I heard was the cries of Apollo....


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