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Hunson Abadeers past life.

Do I dare tell anyone the secrets of my past life? Its sometimes very embarrassing, and I really hate too tell people, but, someone's gotta know... I`ll try not to lie...
I`ll start off from when I was three...

I wasn`t a normal three-year-old kid, I mean, I was born a demon/ dead, and my parents were ,like, humans but remember this was the year 2000, when everything seemed normal. One day when I was walking back from school on my own, yes, I was three and I had to walk home by myself, tragic really, and I found that I was being followed by some stranger. He had a gun or something and he like shot me in the middle of my forehead but because I was a demon I was immortal so I kinda just laughed at him, and he was proper freaked out, so he ran away screaming, like a girl, then as I proceeded I saw a little kitten in a bin. Now I`ve always been allergic to fur but this cat was a demon cat and I thought I should take him home and show my mother.

When I did she screamed for some reason and told me to sit in the corner, a common thing she did. Before I went to sleep that night I heard my mother and father shouting something. But little did I know that the next day would be so extreme. I awoke to find my mother packing some stuff so I asked her in the politest way possible, what she was doing: "MOTHER WHAT ARE YOU DOIN WITH MY STUFF?!?!?!?!?!?!?" that's how I grew up... She then told me that I was going on holiday without them and I was like, ok?

After a few hours of driving we finally arrived at the prison. This wasn`t a holiday. This was a boarding school. "When will you be back for me?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of the stern looking place. "Maybe never." she muttered. When they eventually got me inside, they put me in a cell, yes, a cell, with a boy a few years older than me called Mac, Mac Donald, and a small, very small girl called Marve, yes Marve. There was just us three and I annoyed the hell outta Mac. like asking him if he liked chicken over and over again. But I hate to admit the fact that...that...we were actually...... friends..... ugh......I don`t like him now......people still think I do but.....I know I don`t, maybe.

There's more to come,
by Hunson Abadeer, Marceline's dad.

Part 2

When I was four everything changed for me. Hi I`m Hunson Abadeer. If you don`t recognize y name then I`ll make it simpler for you. Hi I`m Marceline's dad. This is my past life story with no lies, I promise.
Well, if you've seen my previous one, you should know that my life didn`t start out great, this time its about to get even better, (sarcastic!)
Well, as you know, I went to a boarding school, but little did I know, that it was also an adoption centre, as well. Ha! Ha`s my initials, anyways... I was adopted by a `lovely` couple called Ashley and John. Though I refused to call them mum or dad, instead I called them by their real names. They tried to discipline me, but my amulet wouldn't allow it so I kinda flipped out on `em good times, good times.... I stayed with them for about until I was 11.

Sorry that this one was short, but when we get to when I was 17 we`ll have to do parts for that one. Also tell me if I`m epic cause I know I am!
Hunson Abadeer. :)

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