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Maya and The Great and Sacred Communicater

A young princess, Maya, liked to explore all of her life. She liked the sense of freedom it gave her, she also liked that it made her feel strong and that nobody knew where she was so little Maya would explore outside the boundaries set by her parents.

One morning Maya decide to go on a horse ride through the woods. Her long blonde hair was floating, untied in the breezes she created with her horse, Maletonace. Her father, King Martin and her mother, Queen Martha saw her riding off and smiled at their daughter's adventurous spirit.

Maya tied her purebread to a thick tree trunk and followed an old cattle track, the track became harder and harder to see. Maya ended up walking off the track and towards the middle of the woods. She vaguely heard voices and listened harder, but couldn't hear anything.

Maya thought she was going crazy, but picked up a sharp rock and carved an 'M' into a tree trunk, to find her way back.
She walked towards where she thought she heard voices. Maya almost walked into a large fern, and muttered to herself, "We don't get ferns here, what's going on?" Maya took a deep breath, held back a few fern leaves and saw a group of around 10 people, sitting around a burnt tree trunk, staring at her. They all turned back toward the old tree and sang a beautiful....what was it? It was in some other language.
Maya wondered if they spoke her language, and tried it out, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" She asked in a clear but wondering tone.
"We are the people of Kimbaykal culture, and we are here on behalf of Baysitidal, our Great Lord, he has told us this tree is sacred and yet another way to contact him. Our Great Lord has told us just now you have a great future, to be careful and fulfil it wisely."
Maya was still in shock but introduced herself and found out their names.
Maya couldn't believe it and asked, "So what tree is this again?"
The men understood her shock and replied, "The Great and Sacred Communicater, or TGSC for short, now child you must be on your way, before your parents get worried."

Maya wandered back the way she came, smiling the rest of the day, Maya was happy, she learnt something today.

Additional Note: While this story is not true, it is based on one of my own adventures, and I decided to share in my own words.

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