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How Not to be Scared!!!

The Land Of Ooo, Flame kingdom

Since the world began, there have been the good, and the bad, but there is one thing that has been through with everything even before mankind began, fear. Fear is one of the feelings that anything, anyone, can have. Even if you say you can never be scared, there is always something that terrifies you. It could be just a scene in a movie that startles you, or makes you jump, it could also be a real life terror, like a fear of spiders. People say, the only way, to stop your fear is to forget about it. But, alas, they are wrong, the only way to truly conquer your fear is to, befriend them. It may sound preposterous, but this is the only way.

Say your fear is of, aliens, and you think they are not real but you are really terrified of them. They. Are. Real. Trust me. I used to be scared of aliens, but I overcome my fear one night, at a party, at a pub.

I was tired of, not dancing (because, between you and me, I can`t dance!) and I went outside. Now, this pub was right next to a forest and a colossal field. I was just having a walk, on my own, and I saw a shooting star but it looked more like a giant blazing pretzel, so being my epic self, I went to investigate.

Mac, unfortunately wanted to know where I was going because my daughter, Marceline, was going to sing. Being me, even though Marceline was my daughter, I couldn't bear to hear her sing: "Mac just leave me alone for a minute." And I walked away leaving Mac in the middle of the field. When I eventually got to the crash site. I say it was a space ship made out of a giant pretzel!!!! YES THING WAS MY LUCKY DA- "Excuse me?" A voice said.
Oh no! I have been found! By aliens!! They were going to eat my brains and abduct me. As I looked around, I saw a small, fat little alien dude. Well, he wasn`t going to eat me at least. So after a while we had tea and I learnt that aliens aren't scary, all they want to do is order some pizza from pizza hut when they crash land, and they don`t want to kill you. If they do experiments on you they just need to know where the nearest burger king is so they can buy the whole shop.

Thank you for reading, this is by Hunson Abadeer and this picture is what I`m scared of....ugh skylanders is the scariest game I`ve ever played...
if you want me to do another, I mean like comment, like what your scared of and I`ll tell you why not to be scared of them.

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