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Clash of Monsters

The whole world

This is a tale you may have heard. Once upon a time the earth was waged in war. Citys and villages were totally destroyed then one time the generals of each side came together for a huge meeting.

The north, south, east, west and center came together in a discussion and a deal. It was set that the monsters of each side would fight to the death and if all monsters died then the war would end and no one would win or lose.

The monsters of the north and west were both tremendous dragons. The only difference was that the west dragon was a 901 foot long, 300 foot tall fire drake. While the north dragon was a 898 foot long, 299 foot tall frost ice.

The monsters of the east and center were snake dragons. The east snake dragon was a 998 foot long, 60 foot tall Asian wrum.The center snake dragon was a 985 foot long 60.6 foot tall slik ribbon. However the center would do anything to win.The south was a giant.

The monsters came into battle! The giant battered them and hit them, but was smacked down by another monster, a 7000000 foot long, 567894 foot tall lava dragon-the center's secret weapon. The giant was still alive, but the east, west, north and south new that the war was over and worked together to defeat the center.

The dragons strangled the neck and the snake dragons squezed the life out of the lava dragon and the giant kept smacking it in the face. After hours the lava dragon was dead.

All kingdoms made peace and rejoiced. Infact that is why comasses are not marked with a 'center'..........

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