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Sharea and the unbeatable Dragon

Crete , Ancient Greece

A long time ago in Ancient Greece, when the lands were divided into kingdoms, King Aloo ruled the land of Spatra.
He had a beautiful daughter called Sharea.

She was a fearsome young lady , who's bravery and skill as a warrior was known through out the land.She had long, ash-brown, wavy hair that would flow from side to side. Her short,silky nose,which protruded from the centre of her white, milky face, was perfectly formed. She also had nice red , soft lips.

For many years, King Aloo and King Etoes (the King of Athens) were bickering with each other, but soon after they came to a agreement and signed a peace treaty. Every two years Athens would send 5 Athenian young women and 5 Athenian young men to get sacrificed and eaten by the most powerful, unbeatable dragon, which lived in Crete...

Two years went past and Sharea could no longer take the pain of watching the children go to their deaths. ''I will take the children to the dragon and I will save them!'' she said to her father. Surprisingly, even though he felt shocked and worried, her father decided to let her go!

Without warning , King Etoes brought the children to the docks, their parents were left in tears. Sharea took the precious children onto the boat and said a short goodbye to her father.

After a few minutes, they set off on their journey. Due to the fact the wind was blowing hard, the big,large boat moved quickly through the waves. On the docks, her beloved father and the other people of Athens were left in tears ;as they watched the boat set off...

The sea was calm for the journey. Small waves lapped against the side of the boat. After several hours of their journey they finally reached their destination.

The children were feeling miserable.Will I be sacrificed? a child thought as a tear rolled down her face. They got off the boat and walked towards the King's courtyard. Without warning, the oak jewelled doors of the courtyard opened .

The king was there, sitting on his throne, rubbing his hands with glee.

"At last you've arrived. The dangatour has been waiting for you for two years! "the king said with a smirk on his face."Take them away to the jail or what I would like to call it the waiting room," he cried out loud .

In the early hours of the morning,a young gentleman popped out of nowhere "Hi,I am Jous," he said politely.
He was a tall, handsome young man with a very nice personality.
"Hi, do you know where the labyrinth is?" Sharea replied
"Yes,indeed I do know where the labyrinth is,"he cried

Just then, they set off to the labyrinth. After a few hours, they were there.The doors creaked open ."Wait!Tie this silky string around your waist and then you will be able to find your way out," explained Jous.

As she stepped into the gloomy, slimy lair,Sharea felt petrified. Beads of sweat rolled down her face!

After hours of wandering around, she got her reward. Out of the shadows came an immense beast was... The dragatour a real (and very much alive ) dragotour.

There he stood 8 feet tall. It looked like the legends were true. It weighted more than 5 Indian elephants.

The dragotour had bright red veins protruding from his silky , bat like wings. It also had sharp-cornered wings , which sprouted from his long humongous body. These made him look twice as long as he already was.

STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! For once she could see him in real life! I have got a tough challenge ahead of me. I'll use my powers to defeat the dragatour!

Sherea beckoned him closer! The beast attacked Sherea and she fell on the floor. Oh Athena, please help me, she thought. Just then, she stabbed the sword where the scale was missing.

Slowly, the beast died, she felt relieved. Sherea slowly broke his bat like wings and gave one to Jous . "I brought you a souvenir ," she said happily .

After the defeat of the dragatour ,they set off, with the fortunate children. Eventually they reached Sparta , where her beloved father was waiting . He was so happy but was surprised with the young gentlemen who asked with a lovely smile, "Can I have your daughter's hand in marriage?"
"Well, indeed you can!"he said with a soft voice as he was really happy for his daughter ....

The End

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