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Medusa the Miracle

Ancient Greece

Once in a far away kingdom live 2 gods named Hermes and Aphrodite. One day there was a big storm, That meant someone evil was coming, it was Phorcys and Ceto, ceto is almost about to be a mother to a little baby girl. The next day Ceto had her baby the called her Medusa the miracle, her parents called her a miracle because she was born with snakes for hair and eyes that could turn something to stone.

One day when Medusa was older her dad said to grow up on her own because she ways 29 so her dad gave Medusa 6 handfuls to spend, Medusa already spent it all. One day Medusa was out walking looking for her target when suddenly she tripped on a broom. She said pick this up this instant or I will turn you to stone. A women slowly walked up to medusa and covered her eyes then said, mam that broom is actually for you. Since medusa grew up rich, she thought it was another peasants broom. That day was so stressful so then she went home but before she walked up the pebble stone path she forgot she was living on her own, so she went to the underworld to visit her elders and family, when she was exiting she hated to hear the screaming of those people.

Then she didn't care one day when when Medusa was snoozing Perseus cut off Medusas head

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