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How The Sky Became Blue

How The Sky Became Blue

On a dark gloomy day 2 boys were playing and suddenly saw a flash that changed 2 things’ colored in the sky. The 2 boys realized the sky was yellow and the sun was blue. The boys sat in awe!. Jeriah finally spoke up, “What was that?” “I don’t know. Was it God?”. Exclaimed Ryan. When God realized his mistake his rival Satan was trying to take over and the battle began.

God brought his angels and Satan his demons. After all the time they clashed, God came out the heroic victor. The 2 boys Ryan and Jeriah were happy that God was the victor. After God won the battle he fixed his mistake by making the sky blue and the sun yellow.

The boys went on to tell their mothers about the battle. The boys told them about the angels and demons. They even told them about the flash they suddenly saw in the mountains of God and Satan clashing. But their mothers would not believe them. So the boys showed them the mountain that God and Satan would clash once again.

When the boys and their mothers showed up at the mountain God and Satan appeared for another battle. Only this time they brought bigger backup. God brought Jesus and Satan brought hell itself. The battle went on for many days until both men were exhausted. So they called it a draw. So now 12 hrs. of the day is light and 12 hrs. is dark. That’s how 1 part of the world was made and how the sky became blue.

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