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Ariana's Adventure

In a garden, by a small hut in the woods, before flowers had a scent, there lived a bee named Ariana who was very very ordinary, she was yellow and black. Ariana was good friends with a bluebird named Alex. One day Ariana wondered aloud “Why don't all of these beautiful flowers in the garden have a scent?”
As Ariana was flying along the garden path, she came across a praying mantis named Alexandria. Alexandria could see that Ariana was deep in thought, and she asked, “What is troubling you on this fine day?”
Ariana replied, “ I am trying to find a way to make our flowers smell more lovely.”
“ You must go to the far end of the woods. There you will find a mushroom that is red with white spots. Eat it with a dab of honey and then come back and report to me so I can tell what to do next."

Ariana told Alex about the plan and asked him to join her. They traveled for three hours and as they neared the edge of the woods, they came across a lady bug. The lady bug introduced him as Charles and invited them to stay in his magnolia tree home. They gladly accepted, and spent the night.

Ariana explained to Alex that she was looking for a red mushroom with white spots. Alex knew the mushroom would kill Ariana, but he didn’t care. Ariana was so annoying, and Alex needed peace in his life again. With that thought comforting Alex’s mind, he drifted to sleep.

The next morning, Charles asked to travel with them. Ariana kindly accepted, and they were all on their way. They found the mushroom, and Ariana stopped to give a “thank you for coming with me,” speech. During the middle, Alex screamed, “ THE MUSHROOM DOES NOTHING, IT’S HARMLESS!” Without thinking twice about the poisonous mushroom, he gobbled it up, and died on the spot. When Ariana saw this, she realized that Alex was never truly her friend. All of a sudden, she exclaimed ”I only wanted to make our flowers smell better!” Charles said “This mushroom smells nice, maybe you could pollinate it with your flowers.”
“Good idea, let’s go back.”

When they returned home, Alexandria was surprised to see Ariana. After gathering her senses, she said to herself,”Oh no, I just deceived her. I’d better get away before Ariana realizes what I’ve done!” Alexandria ran for the hills and was never seen again. The instant Ariana’s legs touched the flowers, the garden bursted into a symphony of beautiful smells that we still have today.

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