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The Parrot and the Bullies

A parrot was on his way to the jungle to meet up with some friend when he runs into a group of bullies. The gorilla looks down and sees the parrots lunch.

"Give me your lunch” demanded the gorrilla.

“No” replied the parrott.

“Well then” said gorrilla.

The Gorilla takes care of the parrot. Then comes the parrot’s closest friend tiger.

“Stay out of this,” said rhino, Gorilla’s friend

“No” said tiger

So rino comes charging at Tiger and sends her flying through the air. Then their other friend wolf jumps out of the jungle. He was about to stand up for his friends when he saw what had happened to them. Wolf tries to escape when lion, one of Gorilla’s other friends grabs him.

“ you want a piece of me?” he said fiercely

They hear a voice behind them.

“ Who’s messing with my friends?” The mysterious voice asks.

They turn around and see a big purple Elephant. The gorilla, lion, and rhino all try, but can not defeat him. So they call their little friend.

“ Oh Dino,” they call

In comes a giant t-rex.

“Meet my little friend,” said Rhino

The elephant backs up a little and the dino comes charging at him. The Dino knocks the elephant down and the bullies walk away in victory, while enjoying Parrot's butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate milk, banana, and chocolate pudding. Back at parrott’s house they talk about their problem. Parrott’s mom comes in and offers them all a juice box. Everyone says no except for Elephant who asks for a sandwich and pudding with his juice. The next day Parrot’s group, who they call the fruit bops, head to the bullie’s cave. Dino meets them at the door.
“Can I help you?” asks Dino

“ ummmmm I challenge ummmmm you to ummmm a fight” says Elephant

“ Are you sure you want to do that?” Dino questions

“ Uh, Yes” He replies

So dino jumps onto Elephant’s back and Elephant tumbles down. The rest of the Fruit bops run away in fear. Back at parrot’s house parrot’s mom hears their problem.

“What if you guys work together” she suggests

“That is a great idea” shouts Wolf.

So the group heads back to The bully's cave. THey charge at the gorilla and knock him down. The rhino sneaks up behind them and sends the tiger flying. The rest of the group loses confidence for a moment , but then realize they can do it so the rest of them leap onto the rhino and he tumbles down.
The lion and the dino dash away in fear. Tiger jumps up.

“ We did it” They cheer.

The Bullies come back and apologize for everything they had done. The Fruit bops Accept their apology and they live happily ever after.

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