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The Nights Flare


Once long ago when the sky was still blank, there was two people named Star and Jason. They were very happy and in love with each other, they had plans to wed. Five days before the wedding they were in a beautiful garden. Then an evil sorcerer named Kepri cast his eyes on the beautiful woman named Star.

At night Kepri had a brilliant idea. He would attend the wedding and serve star a love potion to destroy Jasons heart and gain control of Stars. Days went by without the sorcerer knowing because he was busy making the potion.

On the day of the wedding the potion was not yet complete. The sorcerer knew that they had come for the wedding, but he still needed a days work to finish the potion. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to serve it at the wedding, he decided to serve it uncomplete.

At the wedding, he served the potion to Star. Star accepted the gift thinking that he was a friend of Jasons. As the sorcerer left Jason saw him thinking that he was a Star’s friend. Khepri watched Star and Jason ,from a distance, and filled with rage, finding that nothing was happening to Star.

Weeks after the wedding Star couldn’t stop gagging. Suddenly she fell on the bed unconscious Jason called the doctor. He said that Star had eaten a chemical that was making her body kill itself from the inside out. She would die in eight hours. Jason was devastated.

All of a sudden Stars body started to disappear. Jason was confused. Out of nowhere Star blew up into the sky. Jason’s heart was broken. Jason tried to find the sorcerer. He looked all over the world. Jason begged Khepri to bring Star back. The sorcerer refused. Jason finally told the sorcerer to blow him up into the sky too. Khepri was happy to do this. After he gave the potion to Jason, Jason told the world to name the things in the sky stars. Then Jason drank the potion and blew up into the sky. From that day forward the things in the sky were called stars.

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