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The Magic Waterfall

The magic waterfall
by: Monica and Courtney

A herd of zebras were walking. They found a tree frog. The tree frog introduced himself to the zebras. Then he painted them stripes. They went home and everyone admired their stripes. They went into the water and their stripes washed off. The herd went to the tree frog and told him that the stripes washed off. The frog told them that there was a way for the stripes to stay permanent. The zebras asked how they could get them to be permanent. Then the frog tells them the story of the magic waterfall. The zebras asked the frog how to get to the magic waterfall. Then the frog draws them a map.

The zebras follow the map. They got to the first stop. It started to rain and they ran into a cave. They didn’t know that a lion lived in that cave. One of the zebras steps on a bone and woke up the lion. Then the lion attacked the zebra. The rest of the herd started running the lion went after them, but they ran away then the lion went back into the cave.

When they finally got away from the lion they got to the second stop. They saw the second stop was filled with cacti. They tried to find a way around it but there wasn’t away around. So they went through the cacti and they got poked a lot. When there finally out they see the magic waterfall.

They ran to the magic waterfall. They went inside the waterfall. Then they came out, but they look at each other and saw they didn’t have their stripes. They see the frog and they tell him it didn’t work. He tells them that they have to jump from the top of the waterfall.

The zebras go to the top of the waterfall. Then they spot the lion and started running to the end. They jump from the top of the waterfall. Alot of rocks start to fall down. A huge rock falls and kills the lion. They swim out of the water and see their stripes. Luckily their childrens got their stripes.

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