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The New Girl

The New Girl

“ Do you really think it is going to be fun, Tiny? “ asked Emily, talking to her pet mouse. The mouse replied, “ Of course it will be fun and I’ll be with you every step of the way.” Emily sighed and put the mouse in her mouse. “ You’ll do great, “ said Tiny before Emily zipped up her bag. “ I hope so, “ Emily answered.

“ Wake up Savy! It’s time for school, “ Savannah’s mom yelled for the fifth time that morning. Savannah flopped out of her warm and comfy bed. She stomped downstairs for breakfast. “ I see you are finally out of bed, Miss Crazy Head, “ said her mom laughing and pouring her a bowl of cereal. “ Be quiet mom, “ Savannah teased, while wolfing down her cereal. “ Go get ready, “ her mom said. “ Okay, “ Savannah answered. She ran upstairs to her room, threw on some clothes, grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.

As Emily rounded the corner, she saw her new school. Suddenly her legs felt like jelly. As she pushed open the double doors of her new school, she saw so many people in groups of friends, which made her sad because she knew no one. Suddenly she bumped into a girl and they both fell down.

“ Excuse you, watch where you’re are going, “ Savannah yelled at a girl that she had never seen before.
“ Sorry, I wasn’t paying any attention. I’m Emily, “ said the girl apologizing.
“ Oh, it’s ok, sorry I yelled at you, “ Savannah said. She felt really bad. “ Are you new? “ Savannah asked.
“ Yes! Can you really tell? “ Emily said embarrassed.
“ Only a little. Who do you have first? “ Savannah said taking Emily’s schedule.
“ Mrs. Smith, for math and homeroom, “ Emily said pointing to Mrs. Smith’s name on the paper.
“ I’ll walk you there, “ said Savannah. Then they walked off down the hallway together.

As Savannah and Emily walked down the hallway, Mary, Savannah's best friend,, linked arms with Savannah. “ Hi Mary, “ Savannah said looking from Emily to Mary. “ Emily, this is Mary my best friend,. Mary this is Emily, she is new here, “ Savannah said.. Emily looked from Mary to Savannah. “ Oh, “ replied Emily a little sadly. “ Um hi, nice to meet you Mary. Well thanks for walking me to class Savannah, I think I can handle it from here, “ Emily said. “ Oh, ok well you’re welcome. See you later then, “ Savannah said. “ Bye, nice meeting you Mary, “ Emily replied. Although Mary didn’t reply Emily got the feeling that Mary didn’t like her.

“ Hey, why did you ignore her when she said good bye? “ Savannah asked Mary after Emily had left. “ She’s weird. Why were you even talking to her? “ Mary spat back. “ Because she’s a nice girl and she needs someone to show around, “ Savannah said strongly, knowing she was right. “ Well maybe you should just ask her to be her best friend! “ Mary yelled and stomped away. “ Okay, maybe I will! “ Savannah yelled after her. Then the first period bell rang and Savannah raced off to English.

As Emily was walking home, she pulled out Tiny and told her about her day. “ Well that sounds like a whole lot of fun, “ said Tiny replying. “ Well it was fine, but I ran into one girl named Savannah, literally, and she introduced me to her friend Mary, “ Emily said. “ Well that was nice, “ said Tiny. “ Yes, I know, but I have a strong feeling Mary doesn’t like me. When I said goodbye she ignored me, “ Emily blurted out. “ Well maybe she just thinks you're trying to steal her friend. You should try making friends with, “ Tiny said. What Emily didn’t know was that Mary was right behind her listening to their whole conversation. “ So have anything you want to tell me? “ said a voice coming from behind them. Emily gasped when she saw who it was. It was Mary.

“ How was school today sweetie? “ Savannah’s mom said as Savannah walked in the door. “ Good, I guess, “ Savannah said shrugging. “ What happened? Is everything okay? “ her mom said with a concerned look on her face. “ Well, I met this girl named Emily today. She is new and I walked her to her first class. After she left, Mary told me I wasn’t allowed to talk to her or else she wouldn’t be my friend anymore, “ Savannah blurted out. “ Well think about it, who needs a friend more? “ her mom asked already knowing the answer. “ Well Emily does, “ Savannah answered. “ I’ll tell her I will be her friend and not Mary’s! “ said Savannah, smiling.

The next day at school, Emily was nervous. “ Don’t be so nervous, “ Tiny said with enthusiasm. “ Well remember yesterday when that girl popped out and saw you talking? “ Emily asked. “ Yes, but what does that have to do with you being nervous? “ Tiny asked. “ Well I’m afraid Mary will tell Savannah and Savannah will think I’m a freak. “ When she walked down the hallway people were pointing and whispering at her. “ I knew she would tell, “ Emily said. Then she saw someone staring at her like she didn’t know Emily. It was Savannah. When she tried to say hi, Savannah hurried away. “ I get the feeling she knows too. “ Emily said sadly as she walked to her homeroom.

“ I feel horrible now, “ said Savannah while watching Emily from a row of lockers. Savannah was at lunch so she waited for Emily to walk out of the classroom. When she walked out, she saw Savannah and then ran over to her. “ Are you mad at me? “ Emily asked. “ No I want to be your friend! “ Savannah said. “ Ok, let’s be friends, “ said Emily.

As Savannah and Emily walked down the hallway, Mary glared at them. “ How did you know that I needed a friend more than Mary? “ Emily asked. “ A little hero told me. “ From that day forward they were best friends forever.

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