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Zeus's New Daughter

The Midlands, England

Long long ago in a far away land, Eirene was gracefully sitting on a cove in the midlands when she felt a tingle go through her and a letter dropped from the sky. It said; my name is Zeus and i am king of the gods,do not fear you are not in trouble however because of your kindness to people, animals and Gods I have decided to adopt you as one of my daughters you are now Eirene Goddess of peace!

Eirene was extremely exited. Unfortunately she didn't read the rest. On the back of the note it said you must prove yourself by slaying the Charybdis i'm going to send! A Charybdis was a sea nymph turned into a fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, a dragons wings and a snake's tail.

Seven long days later a colossal black shadow swooped over her small village. It bashed down to the floor took a young girl and flew away leaving a trail of blood behind it! The King had no choice but to put a red bean in a bag for every person, before the next attack, but at the end he would take out one and replace it with a green bean. Then everyone would pick up a bean and whoever picked the green bean would be sent to slay the creature. That night all the villagers took a bean and most of the villagers hearts filled with jubilation when they got a red. All except Eirene who picked out the green bean.

So, at the break of dawn, she set of on her quest and she followed the trail of blood. As scared as a mouse surrounded by mouse traps, Eirene slowly trudged up the hill towards the volcano where the Charybdis slept! Suddenly she bumped into an old monk in a black gown. He whispered to her " Show no fear and listen here, the creature will eat you if you don't take this sword. It will protect you and it's the only thing you can slay the beast with!"
" OK. " Eirene stammered as a chill ran down her spine. Soon after she had been stopped and Eirene had eaten she carried on her quest.

The very next day,she was at the edge of the volcano. Cautiously she lowered the rope into the volcano, around her the saw piles of bones scattered around and the trail of blood stopped in front of the biggest creature she had ever seen! It was horrifying. She tried to swallow the lump of fear in her throat. All of a sudden, the Charybdis awoke and leaped up. As it tried to sink its teeth into her she grabbed hold of its tail, climbed up its back and stabbed the sword into its back. That was the end of the Charybdis. Eirene was overjoyed and hurried back to her village.

As soon as she got home she got lifted up into the air and became Eirene Goddess of peace.

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