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The Legend Of Merida

Male' City, Maldives

Have you ever seen, felt or heard a fairy? Here is a legend which my grandmother told me.
Long ago, in the 18th century, there lived a girl named Merida. Merida had a wicked stepmother, who showed absolute hatred towards her. But Merida never stopped believing in one thing; fairies. Everyday, she would visit her father's garden, and wish for a fairy to come to her.

One day, as she was praying in the garden, a flower began to shimmer and sparkle. Suddenly, a fairy peeped out from inside the flower!
"Who are you?" Merida couldn't help asking. "Why are you here?"
"I am a fairy," replied the fairy softly. "I have come to give you three wishes. What do you wish?"
"I wish," Merida lost her courage to speak, "that my mother would come back to me. And then I wish...that a miracle would happen. And my father says, since I'm becoming 20 years old, I'll need a husband. I wish the perfect man would meet me one day."

Soon, Merida felt someone gently lifting her up, head first. She looked to his face. A young man was carrying her. "Ready to become my bride?" he asked, his bronze eyes shining. "yes, yes!" Merida said, "take me away." The charming man strode away with Merida on his horse. They soon reached his palace. Which he was a prince to live there. Inside the palace...what a sight met Merida's eyes! Her mother was standing there, waiting to hug her. "Mother!" Merida hugged her. "How did you come back to life?" She asked. "Your wish," her mother replied. Merida was so happy. And all these things were miracles.

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