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The Foods that were Alive

South America , USA

This is just a short story,
A true one at that...

People wonder: is everything alive???
In it own way???

Well this story might be able to give the answer!!!

When the first food was planted, the person who grew it ran to their neibourghs and said "I grew some, I grew a few foods, isn't that great!"
When the person got back the food was all gone. She was confused (oh yes as likely as it sounds, a woman was the first person to ever grow food).
"Where did it go? Stupid animals must have eaten it!"

Well that was not what happened, to be truthful actually what had happened was the food grew legs and ran off.

It must have know it was gonna get eaten otherwise why would it have run off??

Well that's an interesting Question. The food didn't HAVE to know it was gonna get eaten to run off, in fact the food actually ran off to live their life and maybe have a bit of an adventure.

Oh, that makes more sense, kinda, but what happened after that??

Well the people kept growing food but they only left it alone on their first success and so the food ran away but after that they never left the food alone again. The people would take the food to the market and sell it. When the food was bought and left alone it would THEN run away.

One day food got tired of waiting til the were taken to the market and sold so they just ran while people were watching them and that was how living food was discovered. The food could also talk but their like dogs they speak in a language sort that we can't understand.

Okay got it, but I'm confused... How does that answer the question: is everything alive??

Well if you think about it, if food is alive then doesn't that kinda say that everything lived at some point??

(There are no pictures to this story because they did not have cameras when living food was first discovered.)

Well that's all there is to know about living food!!!

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