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Creation Myth of the Kilhanes

Temperate forest, Canada

In the beginning there was nothing but the goddess of the Earth, Nordell. She was so lonely, she decided to make a planet to live in. She thought of people to help her, so she made four gods, Hectorius, Zyon, Amor and Nectis. Hectorius was the calm and friendly god of the sky. Zyon was the ghoulish goddess of the underworld. Amor was the dazzling and kind-hearted goddess of colours. Nectis was the fearless and obedient god of the waters.

Each of the gods did jobs; Nordell planted different kinds of plants, Nectis spit to create lakes, rivers, oceans and seas, Hectorius blew to make the sky and clouds and also the sun and the moon, Zyon smashed the ground and placed different kinds of minerals and gemstones and Amor added beautiful colours to the creations and painted rainbows with her magical tool, a paintbrush.

Nordell was glad about everything on Earth. So, she made another creature that would help the gods and work hard like them. She called it ‘human’. The human felt lonely, so Nordell made billions of them. She ordered them to sacrifice food for the gods for an offering.

Hectorius admired Amor’s beauty and tenderness, as well as her gentleness. He was bitten by the love-bugs. Every day he would be on her side watching her painting vivid, radiant rainbows, not doing his job. This made Nordell anxious and enraged. So, she punished the sky god by raising the sky each day and locking the gates that led to Earth. Every time Hectorius remembered Amor, he would get furious and depressed at the same time. The sky would get dark and lightning stroke.

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