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Odysseus And The Cyclops

Sea Island , Greece

After the Trojan War, Odysseus and his group of men navigated to an island, which held a Jet-Black, gloomy cave. Luckily, they found some fresh food and drinks they could enjoy. Subsequently, a creepy one-eyed Cyclops, who was named Polyphemus returned to the cave. Leading a flock of large sheep, he rolled over a colossal, firm rock opposed to the mouth of the large cavern, to block the free portal.

That blood-curdling Cyclops suddenly detected Odysseus and his men concealed beyond a shiny, small boulder trying not to be seen. For spotting that, the Polyphemus grabbed 2 geezers, and violently smashed their head to the rock, ravenously, chewing them for lunch. Odysseus dared not to even touch Polyphemus whenever he's awake.

The next day, the hungry Cyclops cruelly ate another pair of men. He pushed away the gibber, letting the herd of large sheep out, and again blocking the entrance by the shiny boulder. Odysseus formulated a clever plan to escape from Polyphemus's dark cave. When the Cyclops was out, he and his men took a sharp razor blade burning the top pointy bit in the blazing, searing fire. Polyphemus arrived back when Odysseus told him to have a rest and drink the refreshing, expensive wine. The Cyclops slowly took a large sip from the wine and thanked Odysseus by asking his name. "No men" replied Odysseus, trying hard not to show a part of a cheeky smile. The Cyclops slumped onto the floor, dozing off peacefully.

Odysseus winked at his men and slowly aimed the blade towards the Cyclops's eye. He forcefully and quickly poked it down the eye ball. It was purely black and Odysseus and his men dashed back behind the rock hiding carefully. Later the other Cyclops arrived and asked to Polyphemus "Who poked your eye?" Polyphemus screamed and yelled "NO MEN!!!" The other Cyclops looked at each other and burst out laughing and chuckling madly.

While they were laughing, Odysseus quickly and carefully tied each men by a rope to the flock of sheep. He tied himself too and and that time Polythemus pushed out the boulder to let the sheep out. The men jumped off and quickly hurtled to the ship. Odysseus including the men giggled and shouted that he was not called "No Man" But Odysseus who had blinded and hatched this incredible successful plan to rescue himself and his collaborating helpful crew.

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