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The Ogre at the End

Jordyn was a 16 year old girl who lived in Castroff. Castroff was a very small town in London. On the edge of the town there lie a forest. An ogre lived deep within this forest and the townspeople couldn't cut down any trees. They needed trees so that they could be warm in the winter and have wood to sell.

One day Jordyn's father was complaining about the cold, so Jordyn put on her heavy coat and boots and went outside. She stood near the edge of the forest and began to yell "Hey! Stupid ogre! Come out here!" When nothing happened she went just inside the forest and yelled again "Stupid ogre! Come out!" Still nothing happened. This went on for about 20 minutes. Finally she got irritated and ran to ogre's cave and yelled "STUPID OGRE! COME OUT HERE!"

The ogre came out and he was furious. He looked at down at her and said "Who are you? How dare you yell like this to me. Who gave you permission to come into the forest and disrupt my sleep?"
"I'm Jordyn and I want to show you a trick." Jordyn reached in her coat and pulled out a rope. She tied it like a lasso and threw it over a bush.
"How do you do that?" Asked the ogre.
"I'll show you."
She pulled the lasso off the bush and turned around. She then threw the lasso over a small plant beside the ogre's feet. He picked up the lasso and attempted to throw it over a tree but he just couldn't do it. Jordyn showed him again and this time he got it. In all his excitment about his new trick he forgot about Jordyn. She grabbed for another rope inside of her coat. This time she tied the ogre to the tree and went to look in his cave. She found nothing but a sword. She hated the ogre for not having any treasure and cut off his head. She went home with the ogre's head in hand and all the townspeople cheered! THE END

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